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Home School High is a weekly link up for those homeschooling high school.

It's a place where you can share posts about high school curriculum plans, a wrap up of your week with your high schoolers, activities that you added to your high school curriculumanything high school. Link up old posts if you have them. They will still be of help to someone who needs a hand. Link up new posts as you go through the year. Share your struggles.

Share your victories. Tell us about math, science, writing, driver's education, computer science, art… Well, you get the idea.

My hope is that looking back through past link-ups will be a wonderful resource for us all.

Simple Guidelines:

  • Link up any post pertaining to how you are homeschooling your high schooler. The idea is to give ideas, inspiration, and encouragement to others.
  • The post can be new or old, but please only link that particular post one time.
  • When you post your link on the Linky Tool, please be sure to link directly to your Home School High post, not to your home page, so that it’s easy for others to find when they come to visit your blog. (Not sure how to do this? Check out this explanation.)
  • I would appreciate it if you would include a link back to the Home School High link-up in your post. By doing so, it helps others who need encouragement in homeschooling high school find all of these amazing posts full of resources and encouragement.
  • You can link back to the daisyhead using a simple text link if you choose, or I have provided some nifty html banners for you to make it fun and easy. Just copy the code in the box below the graphic you like and paste it into an html window in your blog editor (then click back to "visual" to see the loveliness).

Please keep your posts family friendly and stay on the theme. {We reserve the rights to delete any links that do not follow these rules.}


Will you help me spread the word about Home School High? (Get it? Like the name of a high school?) I really want this to be a place of inspiration and encouragement for others who are homeschooling their teens all the way through high school.

Home School High…

Ideas, Resources, and Friends…
so it's not so scary.


Home School High

Home School High

Home School High

Home School High





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