Have you ever wished you could ask your grandparents the story of how they met… but they're no longer here?

Have you ever wondered about the heart-changing and life-changing things that God did for your parents… but they've already passed away?


A year or so after my husband died, I realized that I was now responsible for keeping his stories alive for our children. Some of his stories they may remember. Some of them they may not have heard yet, especially since our youngest child was nine years old when he died. I want them to know the story of how he gave his heart to Jesus. I want them to know how he taught classes at our local university. I want them to know how we met… and the story of how he proposed to me in front of 70 people during a class… and how people were taking notes until they realized it was a proposal.

So I set out to record his stories, his hopes and wishes for our children, the big and little moments that shaped him. 

And I plan to record mine as well. 



Our stories are important. They have shaped us.

They tell our loved ones who we are. Don't let them fade away and become forgotten.

Leave your stories as a gift for your family.