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I love my subcribers and want to bless you all as much as you bless me!

So I try to always offer some freebies– exclusively for subscribers— as a thank you.

In order to access your Subscriber Freebies, just look at the bottom of each new post for the links and password. I will also include these in the newsletterl, so no worries if you have lost or deleted your emails.


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literature-based curriculum

5 Days of Literature-Based Learning ~

This ebook is simply a compilation of posts from a five-day series that I wrote for my blog in the spring of 2013. What you will read here is exactly what you could read in my blog archives, with a few minor edits and some new formatting. I put it together as an ebook so that you would have the information all in one place~ great for newbies to literature-based homeschooling! We'll be talkng all about literature-based homeschooling– the how's, the why's, the details, and some resources.

I'd love it if you'd come back and leave a review once you've read it!




More Freebies will be added periodically, so be sure to come back soon!


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