Chasing Joy in the Everyday- A Manifesto of Sorts

When my husband died, I felt like my world had stopped… like my worst nightmare had just come true and the world would surely stop spinning. 

But the Father began whispering to me…

He was still God. He was still giving good gifts to His children. He was still caring for us. There was joy to be found. I just needed to chase it down and catch it. 

So I tried. And when I was watchful, when I searched for it, when I looked in the tiny nooks and crannies of life, I found the little and sometimes big nuggets of joy. 

So I kept chasing joy. I learned to chase joy in the regular, everyday happenings of life. And He continued to give me bits of joy.

I know He wants the same for you.

That's why I wrote Chasing Joy in the Everyday and its companion, The Chasing Joy Journal.

I would love to email you a copy! I give a copy of both to everyone who joins my newsletter community, along with all the tidbits I share with my newletter freinds. You can sign up right here on this page…

And… I made a little video just for you to show you how I put my Chasing Joy Journal pages together into a little booklet for each month. I hope you enjoy it!!


Keep chasing joy!