Who is daisyhead?

V & C at French LickMy name is Connie. I love daisies. A lot. That's why I'm known as "the daisyhead" (or daisy girl) at various places I visit on the net.


I am wife to a wonderful pastor and "Jack of all trades"  husband. I am momma to five fabulous children. We are in our sixteenth year of homeschooling~ all with Sonlight Curriculum.


Things I Love


I love to encourage other women who are just a few steps behind me on the mothering and homeschooling roads.

I love helping other women succeed at breastfeeding their babies.

I love Bible study.

I love creating.

I love researching and learning.

And I love sharing what I've found.


Things I Write About


You will find me writing about the things I do every day.

Mothering. Homeschooling. Living simply.

Oh! And life as a perimenopausal homeschooling momma. That has challenges all its own!


I really have a desire to encourage other women from my experiences. Life has not always been easy, but God has enabled our family to live with joy along the way. At least most of the time. I hope to share with other women some of what I have learned and am still learning along the way~ hopefully not just my words but morsels that God has taught me (sometimes the hard way) and the new ones He teaches me each day.


Other Things I Do

I love to encourage other women, so I began consulting with other homeschool or mom bloggers to help them learn how to get conference sponsorships and form partnerships with companies. Out of the consulting, a new blog has formed where I offer encouragement and tips to other bloggers. I'd love it if you'd visit Small is enough!

I have crocheted and designed since childhood. I broke into knitting design in order to create wool cloth diaper covers for Teeny.

That was just the beginning of a new passion for designing and sharing my designs with others.

Come see what I'm creating at DaisyHead Creations.

I'd also love it if you'd visit my shop!


 Our Cast of Characters


JudahJudah~ age 20. He is a big ham. He loves to be in front of an audience. He loves music, playing guitar, and drumming on every hard surface in the house. If you give him a choice for a movie to watch, he will normally chose something "mid-evil-y."




ColleenColleen~ age 18. She is sweet and joyful. She is happiest when she has some yarn and a hook or knitting needles in her hands. She is always a fashion statement. I think she may have a future in design. (Now where did she get that from?) If you give her a choice of movie to watch, she will normally chose a Star Trek movie, action, or sometimes romantic comedy.



SeanSean~ age 16. He is a dreamer of the inventor sort. He can often be found pacing and dreaming up things to write about or invent. He has started writing his first book and enjoys reading the encyclopedia. If you give him a choice for a movie to watch, he will normally chose a Sci-fi movie.



ZarahZarah~ age 11. She is sweet and shy. She loves school work and often begs me to stop what I'm doing to do school with her. She says she is an artist. She loves to crochet and is learning to knit. Her favorite thing to do is make gifts for other people. (She begins her Christmas crafting in February.) If you give her a choice of movie to watch, she will normally chose a comedy or romantic comedy.



TeenyTeeny~ age 6. She is funny and spunky. She loves to draw and color. She is finally ready to learn the letters and numbers. She is addicted to Sesame Street! (It's a bad thing if I forget to turn on Sesame Street in the morning.) If you give her a choice of movie to watch, she will normally chose Mega Mind or Alice in Wonderland (the one with Johnny Depp).



*All names have been changed to protect the innocent. These are their "blog pseudonyms," but they begin with the same first letter as their real name.



One thought on “Who is daisyhead?

  1. Really would love to hear more of your pheo story since the operation and how they found yours!! As I’m on the of searching while having all the horrible scary symptoms and praying daily we get the BP/HR under control till found and taken care of it is even the culprit!! I’m leaning on GOD all the way, and I’m seeing that YOU did and DO that even maybe more so NOW as you’ve had to experience the loss of your Amazing hubb! I’m so so sorry to your loss and although I’ve not lost my spouse, I have suffered great loss and depression and years of trauma from my parents divorce followed by the murder of my dad at age 10 and then the death of my mom at age 32 after being her caregiver for 2 1/2 years at my home. Praying for you as I write this asking GOD to give you the ” peace that only he can give ” that indeed passes all others understanding!! I only make it daily from depression by sticking ever so close to him and had I not had HIM to lean and cry out and on to, I seriously don’t know how I’d be here today encouraging you!! So I praise God for it daily as Praise is our strongest weapon against all Pain!! Love be on and all over you my fellow sister in Christ Jesus!!!!

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