Why I (Still) Homeschool

Year 18.

This is my 18th year homeschooling. (Yes, I'm that old.)


why homeschool


It would have been so easy to quit long ago. Quitting is pretty easy much of the time. Homeschooling isn't always easy. It can be hard. It's a sacrifice.

But it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make for my children. I'm their mother and their best teacher, but most importantly, God has asked me to educate my children.

That's why I still homeschool after 17 years.

I hope that doesn't make it sound like the last 17 years have been miserable. In fact, it's been far from miserable! Even the hard moments are layered with joy. We have such fun learning together! The fun moments are definitely more numerous than the hard moments.

I want to take a moment and introduce myself and my family to those who are here visiting from the Indiana Association of Home Educator's blog. I am a recent addition to IAHE's social media team and can't wait to help spread the word about the things IAHE is doing to help Indiana's homeschoolers! (If you're not here from the blog hop, go have a look at the other "Why I Homeschool" posts!)


I'm Connie, and I have five children. We have homeschooled from the very beginning. We started way back in 1998, when my first born turned five years old.

We are a lifestyle of learning family, with a bent toward unschooling. We love learning with real books and only have a few textbooks (most of those are in the high school years). We use some curriculum, but I freely modify or tweak to fit our family's needs.




Homeschooling during Year 18 is so much different than the early years.

I used to wonder if my children would learn how to spell or write well. I used to worry over whether I would ruin them and leave them unprepared for college and life beyond college. (You know exactly what I mean, don't you?)

Year 18 means that I have two children who have graduated and gone on to a medium-sized university. I didn't ruin them. Of course, God's grace had something to do with that. He cares about their education much more than even I do, and He tended it. They are amazing young adults, my two college students! They love God, they care for others, and they are doing well in their classes.


J and C- Summer 2014


I've seen the fruit. Nothing encourages a homeschool mom like good fruit.

There were plenty of days that I wondered if we would see good fruit, but God has a way of working that we can't see. All the places I thought that I had failed, He smoothed out.

I wouldn't have known to hold on and wait for that fruit had it not been for encouraging moms who had gone a little before me. They reached back to take my hand and help me along. They told me not to give up. They told me that it takes a while to see the fruit of your homeschool labors, and they were right. I needed that encouragement to keep homeschooling as long as God was asking me to.

I'm so glad they spoke into our lives.

This is what a homeschool support group or support organization or even just homeschooling mom friends can add to your homeschool journey- the encouragement and knowledge of how to keep going.

This kind of support is why I'm excited to help IAHE. They offer this kind of support to homeschoolers in many ways. One of those ways is the IAHE Home Educators Convention in the spring. (Early bird registration is open now!) If you don't have a local support group, the convention is a fabulous place to get a dose of energy to keep going. I have many friends who go to the convention every year because of the encouragement they get from the speakers and meeting other homeschoolers. Surprisingly, I have never been to the IAHE Convention, but I think this may be the year! (Maybe I'll meet you there!)


That's a little about me and my journey.

I'd love to know more about you!

Why do *you* homeschool?

Are you from Indiana? If not, where are you from?

Do you have a group for support where you live, or other moms around you to encourage you?

What is your greatest need as a homeschool mom?


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