Homeschooling High School During Family Crisis {HSHigh Link-Up #73}

It's no secret that the last eight months have been full of family crisis at my house. From discovering an adrenal tumor to emergency surgery, and from finding and learning about the rare disease that affects me and three of my children to surgery to remove medullary thyroid cancer, our life has been stressful to say the least. Throw in all the resulting doctor appointments and weekly therapy appointments and you have a disaster for the homeschooling lifestyle.



There is value in remembering that teens are learning lots of valuable lessons during family crisis. My teens have learned about serving one another and about having grace for others at a whole new level. Those are life lessons that really can only be learned deeply during crisis, and God has been faithful to teach us and grow us during this time.

Unfortunately, my teens are also learning to be on the receiving end of that service. They have needed surgery to remove their thyroids before any cancer can develop, which means that they were limited in what they could do for themselves for a full two weeks after surgery. They had to rely on their parents and siblings for very simple things. That's a difficult lesson!

While these are all good lessons, there is still the looming question of graduation. Can we still fit in all of the necessary, basic academics for graduation?

Daily this question lingers in my mind. How can I fit all the necessities into the day and still take care of myself in my new health needs? It feels overwhelming.

As usual, God is supplying. He is teaching me where to put my time and where to put my trust… on a daily basis.

I wanted to share with you some of the major lessons I'm learning about homeschooling during family crisis. However, I'm still just at the beginning of this journey and could use your wisdom as well. So please share your insights and advise for me in the comments? Pretty please?


1- Grace

Daily I am reaching for grace. It's a fight to have grace for myself in the middle of this journey. I simply cannot live up to my own expectations for all the homeschool activities I would like to do with my high schoolers. I have to choose to be graceful to myself and remember that I can choose the most important things to cover and that it's okay to let some of the extras go.


2- Planning

I have always been a very delight-directed homeschooler. I am right there in the mix with the children, and we are exploring the world together. These days, I am gone for a full 4 hours once a week for lymphedema therapy. Some weeks I have additional doctor appointments (or appointments for the children), and most of the appointments are over an hour's drive from home.

I'm finding that I have to go against my nature in a very strong way in this season. Planning is my friend. If I make a plan, it is easier to remember and actually execute it. On days when I am gone, I can also leave the children with some assignments that they can do together or independently. 


3- Encourage Independent Learning

Once students reach high school, it's very helpful for them to be engaged in a good bit of independent learning. It not only gives mom a break, it prepares them for college studies. We do more learning independently at our house when my teens reach high school, but there are many subjects that I still like to guide them in in a more active way. 

I'm learning that I need to find more curriculum for my teens to work through independently this year. If I have any hope of them graduating anywhere close to schedule, then I need to transfer my aid to the aid of curriculum, Khan Academy, or other learning resources. And I need to reassure myself that it's okay.


I'm learning once again to be flexible in our homeschooling journey. And I'm learning once again that God has a plan for my children and their learning journey. 

Do you have tips for others who are homeschooling high school during a family crisis (or chronic illness)?

{And by "others" I could mean me. *grin*}





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5 thoughts on “Homeschooling High School During Family Crisis {HSHigh Link-Up #73}

  1. Learn to say, “yes, please.” Those are hard words for most to say during any storm. However they are most needed during family crisis. Especially during the “life after cancer” phase. My daughter does not have active tumors, hers cannot ever be gone, only calcified, yet she does not get to say she is in remission yet. A new normal always evolves after and accepting help, no matter how hard, helps everyone. It is one thing we’ve learned on this journey. Prayers to you and foryour strength and health. Thank you for sharing so much!

  2. Yes, you are right connie, everyone can learn the value of life and much more in the difficulties. And its really very hard situation you have come across. Great points you have shared what you have learned in your family crisis. Great blog of your experiences.

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