Helping Children Through Family Crisis

This has been a very hard year at my house. We have had to help our children through one family crisis after another. Lots of scary medical things have happened. It would have been easy for my children's faith to become battered and torn.


family crises

It truly has been a family crisis of epic proportions. It has had everything you never want to say to your children… Momma has a tumor, needs surgery, could die, Momma has a rare genetic disease, Momma has cancer and will have to have her thyroid and a bunch of lymph nodes removed, Grandma also has the rare genetic disease, three of your siblings also have the disease. Pretty much lots of hard stuff for children to take in. We were in a family crisis of epic proportions. In fact, we are still not completely out of it.

So we were faced with the question: How should we go about helping children through family crisis?


Today I'm talking about Helping Children Through Family Crisis in your children over at Kids in the Word. You can read the whole article by clicking over there.

I'd love it if you would come and join the conversation! And let me know how you have helped your children through family crisis.

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