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Today's post is a guest post from my dear friend Jackie. Jackie blogs over at LJSkool, and she is a ball of energy! She's also full of fabulous ideas, so you should be sure to hop over her follow along on all her social media channels. You won't regret it! Jackie has a wonderful opportunity to share with all of you today, and I just had to share it with all of you. I didn't want any of you to miss out!

Here's Jackie…

When I asked the boys to read all of the lists of books every Christian boy should read I never expected to start off with such an awesome book as "The God Hater" by Bill Myers. Don't let the title throw you off. It references the main character who is an atheistic philosophy professor. His little brother is a computer genius geek guru kind of guy who created this "Sims World", only better. The characters are based on real people after having their brain circuits cataloged and analyzed by nanobots. The purpose of this world is for marketing, to study how and why people buy something. Wouldn't it be awesome to know that Blue Ray was going to go big and all the other systems would die quickly before investing tons of money?


The God Hater

The only problem is that people of this world keep destroying themselves.

The little brother realizes the only person who can solve this problem is the same guy who always solved his problems when he was younger.

There's another problem. Atheist professor dude keeps trying all the different philosophies of life and the world keeps ending in near destruction. Then he realizes the people need some rules of living. The people makes the Law more important than the reason for the Law. He realizes they need someone to show them how to live within the law but keep the spirit of it as more sacred.

Surely you can see where this is leading, yes?

What really got me was how the two brothers really worked hard together to solve a problem. They totally understand what makes each of them tick and were almost finishing each other's sentences. Yet you can see their love and care for each other. As my boys grow up I would love for them to stay close and depend on each other when they are in need. The computer aspect of it will really speak to Jordan, our resident computer geek guru guy. The philosophy and problem solving will speak to Logan's sense of right and justice. How it is all wrapped up in a good versus evil, and the recipe that God has for our world, is just butter on the bread!

Now I am a fast reader but I read this entire book in 6 hours. Granted, I do read fast but I simply couldn't put the thing down! There are so many twists and turns, the FBI and Homeland Security are involved, there's a break in and a shooting, even a few kidnappings, how will the latest idea to save this world turn out?

I've already cast the movie in my head.

When I really, really like something I do two things, I write about it and then I head off to Twitter to applaud the people and/or company for their hard work. I tweeted that I loved Bill's work. What I didn't expect was that Bill would tweet back that he would do a 30 minute Q&A with my group.

I don't have a group. Hey, a world class author/director/producer just "talked" to me. Eek!

So, I created a Facebook group, for high school kids, homeschooled or not.

My friend, Dawnita Fogleman and I will be hosting it. (She also wrote a review about Math-U-See for us recently.)

You're invited to join us for The God Hater Book Study!


The plan is that we will start on September 22nd and go through until October 31st. No irony intended, we're just using the 6 week study plan and that's when it ends.

Every Monday at 2pm I'll post a video with that week's questions, perhaps some worksheets, and then the students can comment on the post. There will not be a grade, not even pass or fail. You as the parent will be guiding them through this but the discussion will be on the page with other high schoolers.

Here's the thing, once September 22nd at 6am comes the group will become private. You'll have to wait for another round, if we decide to do this again, to come up. That way the kids can feel safe discussing things. Which means both you and your student need to join.

The book can be purchased from Amazon and

If you have any questions please contact me, Jackie. I look forward to exploring this book with you!



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Jackie Ryan Masek calls herself a Restaurant Wife, that's because her husband's first love is Restaurants. She's just along for the interesting view of life. They have lived in Ohio, Indiana, California, and Pennsylvania. You can find her, their two boys, and the family dog, at where she writes about the Christian Homeschooling life, with a twist of ADHD.






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