Feeling Alone Homeschooling High School? {HSHigh Link-Up #71)

Homeschooling high school can feel very lonely. We are definitely among the minority, which can feel isolating. But that feeling is often magnified when many of our fellow homeschooling friends begin to send their children to public or private high school. The prospect of homeschooling high school feels daunting, but that feeling is often paralyzing when we are facing the challenge alone.

The key is support.

When we feel that we have a friend to turn to for help or encouragement, the journey somehow feels a little more possible. 

But how are we to feel supported if we are the only people we know who are homeschooling through high school?

Who do we ask about curriculum, methods, how to get through hard days?


homeschooling high school

Many homeschooling parents are turning to support online. Forums and online support groups are key for many parents. Even then it can be hard to find a place of support with very many people who homeschooling high school specifically. Many support forums are full of all different grade levels and have just a few handfuls of high schooling parents.

This is the exact reason why I started writing about homeschooling high school. But it still did not feel like it was enough. So a year and a half ago, I opened a Facebook group called Homeschool High Support. (I know that not everyone is comfortable with Facebook, but I really haven't found a better way to run a small support group.)

The group is a private, closed group, so you have to request to join. Once I get your request, I send off a message with a few questions to you. After I receive your answer, I add you to the group. This gives everyone a bit of extra security since I won't let anyone in who seems remotely like a spammer. (Or I delete them from the group if it becomes apparent that they are only there to advertise strange products, etc.) It's a place where parents who are homeschooling high school can come together and talk about the hard days. Or ask questions about curriculum. Or gather ideas for high school electives. 

Plus, it has proven to be a group that is willing to reach out and encourage one another. It is definitely not "The Connie Show." This is such a sharing, sweet community of (mostly) moms who happen to be homeschooling a high school student (or two) or have recently graduated their students and are staying in the group to lend a hand to other moms. 

The group is around 600 members right now, and we have welcomed lots of new members this past month. In fact, every day I'm getting new requests to join the group. I do hope you'll come and join us! The more we link arms, the more successful we all can become! 





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