Homeschool Extremes That Make Homeschooling High School Seem Impossible {HSHigh Link-Up}

Even if you have always homeschooled your child, the thought of beginning to homeschool high school often seems impossible to many moms. I've been pondering why this is, and I think I have figured out at least a part of the answer… homeschooling extremes.


homeschooling high school


You know what I'm talking about, right?

It's the teen who graduates at 14 years old. He graduated with a 4.0 grade point average after taking two years of dual enrollment classes. He will be starting college with a full ride from academic scholarships. Not only that, he was involved in extra curricular activities as well as community service work.

Or maybe it's the teen who is at the opposite end of the playing field.

This is the teen who refuses to do any of his course work no matter what his parents say. He only cares to play video games all day or take appliances apart to see what is inside – because he can. He only does the subjects that he likes, but he really doesn't like many school subjects. His parents have threatened to send him to military school, and his mom cries from frustration every day. Or worse yet, maybe his parents don't even try to make him do any school work – they really don't care.

That moment of fear that most of us have when faced with the decision to homeschool high school is fueled by these extremes. We are afraid that we will never live up to the example of the overachieving teen, and he seems to be everywhere. Yet, we are afraid we will fail and our teen will end up like the slacker teen.

These extremes haunt us, but the truth is really somewhere in between.

The reality is that most of us will end up somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. 

And it's okay.


Homeschooling high school isn't without its struggles. You may have times when your teen looks as if he is teetering off the edge into the land of the slacker teen. But most of the time a little maturing happens, and he finds a balance again. 

You may have days when you feel like you would like to go off to the funny farm. That's normal. You're a mom. 

Then again, you may have a prodigy who surpasses your wildest expectations. That's scary, but God will get you through that one, too. 


You will also have many days full of fun and learning together.

You will have days when you simply cannot understand what all the anxiety over homeschooling high school was about because it's been an amazing journey. 


Homeschooling high school is all about your mindset, asking God to guide you every step of the way, and purposing to embrace joy every day. 

You really can homeschool high school. Really.





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7 thoughts on “Homeschool Extremes That Make Homeschooling High School Seem Impossible {HSHigh Link-Up}

  1. Thank you so much,what a timely post this is for me! I came across your blog while searching the web for blogs that use Sonlight curriculum. I have been homeschooling my two grandaughters for 4 years now. The oldest is in the 8th grade this year and will be starting high school in the fall….We had a tough go at the beginning of the school year this year because we had moved in with my mother for a few months to help care for my father who was dying of cancer. My brother was too and they actually both passed away within three weeks of each other. We struggled through and are fairly caught up now and back to our regular life and scheduall. I really needed this encouragement today! I am a little tired and was feeling a bit wishy washy about the whole high school thing (she wants to go to high school so she can hang out with the kids her age :o)……After reading several of your posts and joining some of the facebook groups I am feeling much better. I have made this commitment for all the right reasons, I just needed to be reminded and I am feeling encouraged and ready to continue running this race. I am hoping to find the time to return to my blog and even do a little blogging about our journey through homeschooling. Blessings!

    1. I just want to mention that I try hard to remember not to make decisions when I am feeling tired or run down. I know I will not make good decisions then. I try to remember to ask God for rest and guidance and then let the matter go, so He will have time to work in me.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for blogging about homeschooling high school. Locally, most families send their children to public school. It’s terribly lonely some days. Your blog is always encouraging and is one of my favorite places to come to feel “known.”

  3. We fall a little to one of those extremes! ha!
    We’ve graduated two daughters. The oldest attended a cosmetology school and is now married and has made me a grandma!! 😀
    Our second oldest has finished only because we just simply said so. There’s a whole story too big to share now.
    Now we have a son that will be a high school junior in the Fall and he’s gone back and forth between military and college (mainly college to be able to play basketball). Not knowing for sure what he wants to do has me on edge some times! Oy!!

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