Tips for When You Feel Overwhelmed Homeschooling High School {HomeSchool High Link-Up #66}

It's easy to get overwhelmed while homeschooling high school. There are so many things to track and so many things to prepare our high school student to do – not to mention that we are in our final steps of perparing them for life and a career. That is a lot of weight, and eventually a homeschool mom will feel overwhelmed.

If you are feeling overwhelmed homeschooling high school, you are not alone! Even we veteran homeschoolers can sometimes feel overwhelmed during the high school years. {Ask me how I know.}

I have figured out some things that help me when I begin to feel overwhelmed. They help me keep my mind in this moment instead of trying to manage the next four years all in one swoop. {And they help keep me from quitting and running to hide under the covers.Just being real.}


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Tips for When You Feel Overwhelmed Homeschooling High School



Break it down into smaller chunks.

You've heard the saying, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." We need to apply this concept to homeschooling high school. Ignoring this principle is exactly how we become overwhelmed homeschooling high school in the first place. We get overwhelmed because we are very often trying to manage all four years of high school right now. It's all in front of us and we have to do something about all four years right now, at this moment or we will ruin our child's life. Am I right?

Take it one bite at a time. Break your plan into steps. Make a four year high school plan, but then take it one year… one semester at a time. Then only worry about this semester. Use that one semester plan, but break it down to this week. Only worry about this week. If you plan out every week, then something will happen to throw off the plan – like the stomach flu will hit the entire family for a full week – and you'll feel behind the rest of the year. Don't do that. Plan for this week, then readjust the plan accordingly for the following week. You're never really behind. You're right where you are. Just keep taking the next step. Look at today, not next year.


Give your teen some responsibility for his own education.

It's easy to try to take all the responsibility for our teen's education. After all, that's how we always done it, right? I can guarantee that most public or private high school teachers do not take sole responsibility for every student's education. And that's how it should be. At some point, a teen must begin to take some responisiblity for his education. That will either be a gradual shift now or an abrupt shift when he begins college. We need to help our teen begin to prepare for his own future, and beginning to manage his time and homeschool work is just one of the things he will need to learn. Why not start now while he has us to help guide him in the process and learn organizational skills?


Give yourself daily pep talks.

I don't mean you have to sound like a football coach before the big game, but we really do need to remind ourselves why we are homeschooling high school in the first place. We need to remind ourselves that we are equipped and capable of doing it. If God has called you to it, He will equip you! And He says we should renew our minds… sort of like a pep talk. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!


Create systems to automate as much as you can.

I know that sounds high tech, but creating a system doesn't have to be techy. It really just means creating a habit. Take some time to plan a routine for managing your teen's school work and how you will check it after it's completed. A system really is half the battle and goes a long way toward feeling like we are on keeping up with homeschooling high school well.


Schedule some time to check in with your high schooler.

A few minutes every day or even just 30 minutes each week to sit down with your high school student to chack in with him can go a long way toward helping you both feel secure that you're on the right track. It gives you time to ask if your teen has any questions, get a handle on where he is struggling (or if he needs more challenging assignments), and see how much he has accomplished as time goes on. It can help you both relax and have a realistic picture of what you need to work on next.


Keep your expectations realistic.

We often think that the world is watching us homeschool and we need to impress to prove that homeschooling works. This is not your burden to bear. Don't put these expectations on yourself or your teen.

God has a plan for your teen! Let Him work it out in just the way your teen needs. It really will be okay- no matter what the rest of the world thinks.


What helps you when you feel overwhelmed homeschooling high school?






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