Mom Burnout While Homeschooling High School {and HomeSchool High Link-Up}

It happens to all of us at some point. The dreaded mom burnout sets in. It's especially horrible when mom burnout happens while homeschooling high school… because it is often accompanied by pressure and guilt.


homeschooling high school

How can we fall apart or need a break when our teen needs to keep moving in order to graduate on time?

We have this awful pressure that if we don't do it all despite the burnout we will ruin our teen's life.

Let me assure you, it's just not true.

Put those lies aside. Don't listen to them!


How have we gotten to this point? How have we accepted these lies as truth?

How is it that we trust God with the rest of our life circumstances, but not with our children's education?


Take back the truth, Homeschool Mom!

God would not ask us to homeschool if it meant our physical, emotional, or spiritual death.

So we must ebrace this truth and then walk out our lives believing it.


What does this mean? I mean, practically.


What does it mean to walk out this truth when mom burnout sets in while homeschooling high school?



Don't be afraid to take a break when you need refreshment.

Your teen really can keep moving without you.


Relax the formal subjects a bit, even for just a week.

There is value in letting your teen take a week to explore another interest in depth. You can even have him work up a special report on the topic by the week's end – a paper, video, oral presentation, whatever lights his fire.


Ask Hubby to help you figure out what to do to ease your stress.

I realize this doesn't always bring you a solution, but sometimes Hubby knows just what you need.


Get away for a little while and do something enjoyable.

I'm not talking about some grand vacation away from the family. Even something small can give you the refreshment that you need – have coffee with a friend, go window shopping, stroll through the art museum, plan a girls' night out with other homeschool moms… You get the idea. Laugh, be creative, be silly. Do anything but think about homeschooling. It will help. {You may need to plan a weekly "something enjoyable to keep yourself on an even keel.}



Yes, I said it. A little physical activity releases endorphins that your body needs to feel happy. Plus, it helps keep you healthy. My favorite exercise to pack a punch in a short time is either a brisk walk outside, (Note: these are my affiliate links) T-Tapp's Step Away the Inches {Just 20 minutes!}, or T-Tapp's Basic Workout {A mere 15 minutes!}.


Skip the coffee.

Caffeine is the first thing that we run to when we are stressed, but it's actually the worst thing for our bodies. It creates a flight-or-fight response and makes our bodies create more cortisol (a stress hormone). It's the opposite of what we really need. Not to mention the crazy eyes it gives. {grin}


Get plenty of sleep.

I know we don't think we have time to sleep when we have so much on our to do list, but if we have enough rest we'll be more productive the next day. What seems counter-productive is often the very thing we need to do to ensure success. Make it a priority to get suffiecient rest every night.


Spend some time with God.

I know we all know that we need to spend time studying The Word and praying, but we don't always know how to fit the time we want into a busy day, especially if we are homeschooling high school along with younger children. I want to encourage you to take these moments with the Father. Tell Him what your stuggle is. Ask Him to give you a solution. Then, no matter how weird or ineffective it sounds, do it. These odd solutions are the ones that have really worked the very best. Why does it always surprise us that God's wisdom is better than ours?


Hold on, dear mom.

You can do this thing called homeschooling high school. I promise.


When you get to the end of the road, you may be surprised at how much your teen learned – in spite of your failures. God has a plan, and He will complete it.

I'm praying for you, Homeschool Mom…





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