Encouragement to Keep Running the Homeschooling High School Race {HomeSchool High Link-Up #67}

I wanted to wrap up the month of encouragement for us to keep running the race of homeschooling high school with something that was very helpful to you. There were so many things that were running through my mind… so many good things I could encourage you with that it was difficult to choose. And then like so many weeks, God interrupted my thoughts and told me to do something completely different. 


homeschooling high school


So today I am digging into the HomeSchool High archives and sharing the posts tagged as "encouragement" from the beginning of HomeSchool High to the present. I hope there is something helpful here for you… just the words you need to hear to keep running your race. It's hard. It get tiring. But God will equip you. You can do it, dear friend! 



homeschooling high school

When Mom Falls Behind~

You know the sort of homeschool day I'm talking about- the one when mom falls behind in her high schooler's reading and has a mountain of ungraded papers.  







The Encouragement of a Friend~

The encouragement of a friend will help you along your homeschool journey. Bear one another's burdens. Pray for one another. It will make your journey richer.





Love Letters

Holding Academics Loosely~

God will take care of the academics… even in high school. 






homeschool vision

Vision Brings Joy~ Even While Homeschooling Through High School 

It really is true that there is only one way that any of us can make it through homeschooling through high school. We need God's call and His vision.





When Life Drops a Bomb on Your Homeschool

You know those moments when life drops a bomb on your homeschool… and on life in general? God is in the middle of it all… right with you.




homeschool vision

Keeping A Vision for Homeschooling High School

We can approach high school with the same passion as we approached the early days of homeschooling. The key is to keep a vision for homeschooling high school.






homeschool high school

Homeschooling High School? Why Would You Want To Do That?

Homeschooling high school? By the time our homeschooled kids are starting high school, folks just can’t understand why we would want to do that to our kids.







homeschool high school

Can I Really Homeschool High School?

It's easy to be filled with doubt, but there is hope. You can homeschool high school.







prepared for college

Will My Homeschool Teen Be Prepared for College?

One of a homeschooling mom's biggest concerns during the high school years is whether her teen will be prepared for college. I didn't think I had this worry, but I did.






teen boys

Homeschooling a Teen Boy Is Not As Easy As It Seems~

Boys are definitely different than girls. Once you have a both it doesn't take long to figure that out. Homeschooling a teen boy is not as easy as it seems.






tips for homeschooling high school

Top 5 Tips For Homeschooling High School~

After graduating my oldest, I now approach homeschooling my other teens a little differently. I'm sharing my best tips for homeschooling high school.








teens growing up

Giving Your Teen More Independence~

We all know a time will come when we have to let our teen grow up, but it's difficult to know when to give our teen more independence.





homeschooling high school

The Ultimate Goal of Homeschooling High School~

Sometimes we have a hard time keeping the ultimate goal of homeschooling high school in mind because we worry about high school credits and courses.





homeschooling high school

5 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Homeschooling High School~

Hindsight truly is 20/20. Having homeschooled high school with three teens so far, there are a few things that I know now that I wish I would have known when I started homeschooling high school.





homeschooling highschool

Mid-Year Evaluation, Burn Out, and Homeschooling Highschool~

Mid-year evaluation. Burn out. We find ourselves asking if homeschooling highschool is worth all the struggle… or if we are failing our teens. Get some encouragement with the Top 10 HomeSchool High posts of 2013.







homeschooling high school

Mom Burnout While Homeschooling High School~

It's especially horrible when mom burnout happens while homeschooling high school… because it is often accompanied by pressure and guilt.








homeschool vision

Homeschool Inspiration for When You Feel Like Quitting~

At some point, every mom feels like quitting. It's those times that we need some homeschool inspiration to light the passion fires back into flame.








overwhelmed homeschooling

Tips for When You Feel Overwhelmed Homeschooling High School~

If you are feeling overwhelmed homeschooling high school, you are not alone! Even veteran homeschoolers can feel overwhelmed during the high school years.











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  1. Hello Connie, i love your posts. I have gone through many of your posts before too. Its good to see all the nice posts together. Great work, i love to read all these homeschooling blogs. Thanks for sharing.

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