Art Lessons at Home {See The Light Art Class Volume 2}

Our art curriculum for the year is See The Light's Art Class. We have just finished Volume 2 and are loving it! The children are learning so much!


Art Lessons at Home- See The Light Art Class Volume 2

{I will be sharing how we are using Art Class this year. See The Light did give me the Art Class set as part of their sponsorship, and these are my affiliate links; however, they did not ask me to review the product or only say positive things about Art Class. In fact, it was my idea. I will be sharing honestly, and I will also be sharing anything that we add to the lessons or tweak along the way. I hope it's helpful to you as you use See The Light's Art Class or consider whether it would work for your family.} See the bottom of the post for See The Light's December 2013 Special!

So far, Art Class has been amazing!

When we started using See The Light's art lessons on DVD, I didn't realize how deep Master Artist Pat Knepley would take them this quickly. Within the first 8 lessons (4 lessons per volume/ DVD) they are creating some lovely, difficult pieces.


See The Light Art Class Lesson 5- Sean

They have learned about using shapes to form the object they want to draw, about space and negative space, drawing what they see rather than what they "know" is there, and how to put line, shape, and space together in their drawings. In fact, I think they have felt a little rushed doing one art lesson per week. I think they want to take more time with each project… because, well…they are sort of perfectionists about it. They want to get each project done just how they want it or they're not satisfied. No half done projects around here!


See The Light Art Class Lesson 5- Teeny

See the Light Art Class Lesson 5- Zarah


This time Teeny only did a couple of lessons with them. I think she now sees that the art lessons are just a little beyond her abilities– but I never told her that! I'm not about to crush this blooming artist's dreams! Even though the lessons are beyond her 6-year old self, she has learned some things and gotten way better at drawing!


See The Light Art Class Lesson 6- Teeny 2

We did all of Lesson 5 together just as Miss Pat instructed. That was as much as my children could do just as instructed. After watching Lesson 6, they decded that they wanted to do a project using negative space, but cutting a heart out of paper was too simple for them. They wanted to do something just a bit more challenging. {I know.} I suggested snowflakes. They shook their heads. For now, we have skipped it and will come back to it next week.

Lesson 7 was awesome! They had to find animal pictures that they could write on, then they drew basic shapes on the photo. The lesson was to look at each part of the animal and decide what basic shape most resembled that body part. They would draw all these basic shapes and then sketch in the rest of the animal.


See The Light Art Class Lesson 6- marked photo


They worked on these a long time! It was quite a challenge, but I think they really rose to the occassion. This was an assignment that Sean had in our art class at co-op two years ago. He crumbled at the difficulty. This time he did it well with no exasperation. He has come a long way!


See The Light Art Class Lesson 6- Sean

See The Light Art Class Lesson 6- Teeny

See The Light Art Class Lesson 6- Zarah


Lesson 8 was a challenging project. This was the pinnacle of Volume 2– putting lots of new skills together. It's also where we had to get a bit creative. The assignment was to collect some leaves and draw each type. Then you were supposed to use those leaves or some other collection of items that you would lay done all haphazard and layered on top of one another and draw them. Well, it's early December. There are no leaves left in Indiana– plus, Momma cannot have leaves in the house or my asthma would make it near impossible to breathe. So we had to get creative.


See The Light Art Class Lesson 8- Sean

They looked all over the house for things that they could layer and that they would like to draw. Finally, Sean settled on a pile of pencils. {He still likes to draw using a ruler whenever he can.} Zarah chose a package of multi-color buttons. I think she regretted that later. {"All the circles! What was I thinking?!"}


See The Light Art Class Lesson 8 (1)

See The Light Art Class Lesson 8- Zarah 2

Sean and Zarah are enjoying See The Light's Art Class. Of course, I still hear the very healthy, "Wow! This is hard!" comments. They are music to my ears! I know the art lessons are challenging them. They haven't sounded frustrated or acted one bit like they want to give up, so I know it's just right. I think middle school and high school are just the right ages for this art curriculum.

They're having so much fun with their art lessons and learning so much that I think I may jump in on the action. This winter I may just pull out my sketch pad and start with DVD 1. Maybe I can convince Hubby to join me…


Now as promised, See The Light's December Special!


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Be sure to check out See The Light's blog, too! Artist Jim Pence often posts free video art lessons!

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