12 Tips for Encouraging Kind Words {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

If there are teens in your house, you likely have moody, hormonal teens for at least part of the time. With moody and hormonal comes snarky, grumpy, or insensitive words- at least some of the time.

Really, who can blame them? Who get grumpy and insensitive when our hormones are going crazy, too. But there really needs to be some balance. We can't always use the excuse, "My hormones made me do it!" all of our lives.


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At some point, we have to control our emotions, and our teens need to also learn this skill. But how do we encourage our teens to be kind, even when their hormones are making them grumpy?

I struggle with this more now than I did when my olders were not teens yet. Let's face it, I'm older now, too. And perimenopausal. So once again, the hormones do not always play nice. It's difficult to be a good example of always using kind words when my words quickly become as grumpy as theirs. {Can I get an amen?}

So here are some tips that help me encourage kind words- in my teens as well as myself.


12 Tips for Encouraging Kind Words


1. Make sure that you are using kind words. If you find that you're not, quickly apologize.

2. Smile, smile, smile!

3. Enjoy your children.

4. Respond to irritations by accepting them as God's sharpening and ask what He would have you learn in this moment.


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5. Put your goals aside for the moment and put the other as more important than yourself.

6. When your teens respond unkindly to their siblings, make sure that you respond sweetly.

7. Don't forget to smile!

8. When you hear unkind words {your teen's or your own}, stop immediately and pray.

9. Play worship music in your home.

10. Be sure everyone is getting enough sleep and eating well.


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11. Smile. Maybe even force a laugh or two.

12. Stop what you're doing and just look at your teen (or younger child). Really look at him or her. Ask God how He sees him.





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Now it's your turn. What have you been doing this week with your high school teens?

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