God is in the Details

I want to send out a very special thank you to See The Light! They sponsored me to help me get to Allume this year, and I could not have done it without them! I love them dearly, and I know you will too. If you have children and are interested in art lessons on video that are also full of conversation and lessons about God, go check out See The Light.


God is in the Details


As you know, I went to Allume, a big Christian blogging conference, a couple of weeks ago. I like to plan out my time during conferences so that I can squeeze every bit I can out of the conference. I don't want to waste a minute and then have regrets later. I had plans for my travel time- like what writing or social media I would do on the way to Greenville and what I would do on the way back home. I had it all planned out.

Two days before I left home, my plans began to fall apart.

My roommate for the weekend wasn't going to be able to come to the conference after all. She had taken very ill. While I wasn't upset with her at all, my Tuesday began to crumble and stress began to set in as I was met with one dilemma after another– the possible ticket-buyer and roommate for me already had other arrangements, the other possible roommate already found another room, no one was speaking up on social media that they needed a room, and to top it all off, the hotel needed word of any possible cancellation by 3 pm that day. I didn't have the money to pay for the hotel alone…

So I began to panic.

Have you ever had moments like this?

In my panic, I contacted a friend who was also going to the conference and asked if she could possibly squeeze one more person into her room. I was even willing to sleep in the chair!

At practically the same moment, this friend and another friend who lives local to the conference both messaged me and said I could stay with them! So now I had the option to stay with my dear friend in her home or with the other friend at a mutual friend's home (who also lives locally but was not going to the conference).

In my moments of panic, God not only provided a place for me to stay, but He provided one that was not going to charge me. That $200+ could now go to my family who desperately needed it.

Less than on hour later, another lady contacted me and said she would take the hotel room off my hands. This way she still got the conference rate on the room, and I was released from the commitment.

God was in the details- even when I knew nothing about them.

And His way was better than I would have planned out for myself.

It turned out that I stayed with my friend who opened her home to several ladies going to the conference, so I made some new, dear friends who were my roommates for the weekend. The last night, I stayed with my other friend and got to meet her sweet sons.


God knew what He was doing.

Why do we forget to trust Him?


God is in the details- Allume 1


Oh, and all the work I had planned out for my travel time and social media during the conference… that didn't work out as I planned either. I shouldn't have been surprised.

My first layover between flights was an airport that I have traveled through several times, so I knew that I could easily do some social media work for my sponsor, See The Light, while I was waiting for my next flight.

Nope. I could not connect to the wifi at all.

I figured I would do it as soon as I got the the hotel…

Nope. I could not connect to the conference wifi the entire weekend! They were having issues with the connection that never really got worked out.

I was very frustrated for the first day and a half… then I fnally decided that God must be telling me something.

So I surrendered to it and decided to figure out how to promote my gracious sponsor later. In that moment, I was even more thankful that my sponsor was See The Light. You see, they really love Jesus. They understand that He sometimes changes our plans and trust Him with the outcome of their sponsorships with bloggers. It's this very attitude that made me fall even more in love with their company. They don't just say this stuff to sell art curriculum- they believe it. They have become very dear to me. If you don't know See The Light yet, please go have a look around their site and tell them Connie sent you over. {grin}


God is in the details- Allume 2

All these changes in my plans meant that I was left to talk with other ladies at the conference, make new friends, deepen friendships that had already started, share face to face about See The Light with those who were interested… and soak up all that God was pouring over me.

And God really did a work.

We have had a roller coaster of a year and we have not reached the end yet. God knew exactly what I needed during the weekend. I needed refreshment. And He knew the perfect place for it- I had not originally planned on going to Allume. But God orchestrated it all perfectly.

I don't feel like I went to a blogging conference. I feel like I went to a Christian Women's Conference… with a bunch of bloggers.

Allume was an amazing, refreshing weekend.


God is always in the details.

He knows what He is doing.

Why do we forget to trust Him?



If you are having one of those days when nothing is going according to plan– the baby won't nap, no one will do their school work, the dog is puking all over the house, unexpected visitors stopped by and the house is a mess– whatever it is…

I encourage you to remember that God is in the details.

Even when we don't understand or see it, He has a plan.

You can trust Him.


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