Homeschooling a Teen Boy Is Not As Easy As It Seems {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

Boys are definitely different than girls. Once you have a boy and a girl it doesn't take long to figure that out. When boys reach the teen years, the difference increases exponentially.

Homeschooling a teen boy is also very different than homeschooling a teen girl.


Homeschooling Teen Boys


A strange thing happens with the influx of testosterone. I hear it all the time…


"He won't do the work I assign him, and he doesn't care when I scold him about it."

"When I'm trying to teach him, he doesn't pay attention or goofs off."


"He'll do anything his dad asks him to do, but when I ask him to do the same thing it's met with all kinds of disrespect. In fact, he would respond cheerfully to anyone else, but he refuses and acts like I'm so unreasonable when I ask him to do the same thing."

"All I hear from him about school are complaints, apathy, and bickering. It's hard to teach him anything because he won't listen, and he blames me for anything he doesn't like."


Does any of this sound familiar?

My sons have been known to exhibit all of these behaviors, too.

A couple of weeks ago, Judah unknowingly shed some light on this issue for me.

A few days before he started his freshman year at the local university, I was trying to convince him to go to some of the Welcome Week activities. One that I really thought he should go to was about how to succeed in college classes– using the Blackboard program, taking notes in class, how to work with your professor, etc. He said no and that he already knew that stuff.

Really? Homeschool boy from a very relaxed, Charlotte Mason, inclined-toward-unschooling home knows how to take notes and succeed in class?

When questioned, his answer was, "I know it because you had taught me."

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked why he says I taught him since he always tells me how I don't know anything, I just don't understand, and the various other ways of insinuating that I have nothing to tell him that he doesn't already know.

His answer…

"You teach me stuff all the time. I just don't like to tell you that."


He may act otherwise, but it is soaking in. Boys have this thing. They don't like to admit that a woman (MOM) knows more than they do. It's testosterone, I think.

Our teen boys really do need us, moms. No matter what they say.

So just keeping giving.

Keep loving him.

Keep hugging him.

Keep encouraging him.

Keep being his biggest fan.

No matter how much he protests.


Hold on. Nobody ever said this was easy. But it will be good.





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5 thoughts on “Homeschooling a Teen Boy Is Not As Easy As It Seems {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

  1. Thank you. The tears streaming down my face are proof that I really needed this encouragement today. Mine is a 13yo 8th grader and I was beginning to questions if we were going to make it. Thank you.

  2. Very timely! I have a 16yo and 14yo boy and they are sooo different then their sister (19yo) as far as enthusiasm for school goes! It’s good to know that they might be learning things despite themselves!

  3. Struggling here with 15 and a 17 year old teen boys. I’m concerned about their motivation and work ethic- your post tells me that I am not alone. They respond better to direction from their dad than from me.

  4. Thank you for this. Good encouragement. I have three sons: a 14yo, 11yo, and a new baby!!!! I am sleep deprived and hormonal and am so weary. My older boys are going through puberty and are just being so challenging. They bicker a lot. I feel like giving up many days. );

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