High School Field Trips {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

Homeschoolers love field trips. Like many of you, I take my grade school aged children on lots of field trips. They are fun, and they provide unique learning experiences. It's a win all around!

When our children reach high school age, we often feel that we must stay on schedule and cross all the assignments off the list to complete work for high school credits. In order to do that, we often tie ourselves to our figurative desks. Somehow we forget that field trips are still beneficial for our high school teens.


High School Field Trips

Field trips for high school students still hold all the benefits they do for younger children. They are still a very unique learning experience. In fact, your high school student may learn things from a good field trip that he won't learn from any book.

Today I'm sharing some items from my High School Field Trips List in hopes that it will give you some inspiration.

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Recycling Center
  • Exercise Science Lab at local university
  • Local Fishery (great for biology class)
  • Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit
  • Restaurant- kitchen, talk to manager, etc.
  • Psychology Experiment Labs at local university
  • Botanical Garden
  • Zoo– ask for a biology perspective / tour with zoology in mind
  • Art Museum


Just be sure to let the field trip guide know that the tour will be for high school students, and you are sure to get a wonderful, challenging experience full of real life learning!


What high school field trips have you taken that were beneficial for your teens?





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Now it's your turn. What have you been doing this week with your high school teens?

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5 thoughts on “High School Field Trips {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

  1. Great list of trip ideas…thank you for sharing!
    Thanks also for hosting the HS link up. I am just entering this phase pf HSing and I know I’ll learn a lot!

    Take care and have a wonderful homeschool day and a great weekend!

  2. Connie – Your post is so timely! My two high schoolers, middle schooler and I just had a most fabulous trip to our state Supreme Court, Capitol, Governor’s office yesterday. They learned in one day so much more than we’ve been learning along and along! We actually took three field trips this week – went to the state fair and the High Museum of Art to see the Girl with Pearl Earring. (I am just a little excited about it all!) Thanks for inspiring and hosting each week.

  3. This is a great list, thanks! So often field trips ideas are directed at the elementary ages and while I appreciate those my oldest has for the most part ‘been there, done that.’ All but two of these are in our area and are opening my mind up to other possibilities – a veterinary clinic, a locally owned retail shop. Thanks again!

  4. We’ve done trips to the sewage treatment plant, local chemical companies, and state health department when we studied chemistry.

    Historic sites, of course, for history.

    Sometimes as a co-op we go to Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, NY for big adventures.

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