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I am so excited about today's post! We have another guest post, but this time the post is on a topic that I have been wanting to delve into– photography as a homeschool high school course. Woot! Heidi Ciravola is helping us out with some great resources for teaching photography, and I can't wait to check them all out. I think Colleen will have a blast learning more about a subject she loves with these resources. When you've soaked up all Heidi has to offer us today, be sure to go visit her at Starts at Eight and at Starts at Eight on Facebook.

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High school planning is an important part of a homeschool parent’s job.  We are not only our child’s parent, but teach and guidance counselor too. 

When planning for a well rounded high school education, you of course need to cover core subjects such as math, English, history, and science, but those alone are not enough.  High school is a time for your child to explore their interests, to find something they are good at and passionate about.  High school electives are where these aspects come into the picture.


Photography as a High School Elective


While planning for high school we made a list of possible electives, and then narrowed that list to take a more in depth look at our choices.

Photography was one of the multiple choices on our list based on my child’s goals and interests.  Photography is something my children have seen me engage in, learn and grow in, make money doing, and be passionate about.  Therefore, I wasn’t overly surprised that my teenage daughter wanted to participate and learn herself.

Even though I have some photography experience, I still feel it is necessary to pull information and expertise from outside sources.  Doing this will give me a framework to work within, and will give me the confidence to know I am not jumping about or forgetting some important piece!  This thought led me to compile a list of possible resources for use throughout the course that I have named, Digital Photography Basics.  It will cover both the workings of the camera itself, as well as basic photography skills.


Resources for Basic Photography & Digital Camera Concepts:

  • Amanda Bennett Unit Study – Digital Photography  Learn about the basic elements of composition and other important aspects of taking a good picture.
  • Jessica offers a variety of online classes and workshops both in digital photography as well as in photo editing.
  • is currently offering a live online class – Introduction to Photography that begins August 27th for teenagers.
  • Digital Photography School is a community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in their understanding of photography.
  • I Heart Faces that holds challenges, gives photography tutorials and more.
  • MCP Actions MCP Actions provides interactive online training classes and free Photoshop video tutorials.
  • Digital Photography Course from
  • There are also some great magazines like Outdoor Photographer and Professional Photographer to help inspire as well as to keep you and your budding photographer up on what is new in photography.
  • For more photography tips, articles, classes, etc. you can check out my Photography Pinterest Board.




Heidi_avatarHeidi lives in upstate New York where the winters are long & cold, but where she truly appreciates the lack of extreme weather such as tsunamis and hurricanes!  Her house is filled up with her loving husband of 15 years, 3 busy children, & 2 dogs (Muffin & Oscar).  Homeschooling started out as a trial run with a child beginning 2nd grade, & almost 8 years later has become a lifestyle which brings great joy.  When not busy playing “Taxi Mom”, you can often find her behind her camera, or working something out in Photoshop. 





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  1. I am interested in getting support and assistance on obtaining a photography curriculum for my senior in high school. She wants to do it as an elective this year. I would appreciate any help you can give.

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