Art Lessons at Home {Art Class Volume 1}

We are year-round homeschoolers. However, this has been a weird summer, and we have done barely any school work. So we will feel like we have a true "beginning of the school" this year. We don't really change grades or start our new homeschool year until after Labor Day.

However… we have started our art lessons. We love art at our house and have wanted to start our art curriculum since this spring. Now that Momma is well again, I of course said, "Let's start our See The Light Art Class!"


Art Lessons at Home - See The Light Art Class Volume 1

{I will be sharing how we are using Art Class this year. See The Light did give me the Art Class set as part of their sponsorship, and these are my affiliate links; however, they did not ask me to review the product or only say positive things about Art Class. In fact, it was my idea. I will be sharing honestly, and I will also be sharing anything that we add to the lessons or tweak along the way. I hope it's helpful to you as you use See The Light's Art Class or consider whether it would work for your family.}


I'm using Art Class with three of my children this year– Sean who is in 10th grade, Zarah who is in 6th grade, and Teeny who is in 1st grade. It's a pretty wide age range, but I will just encourage each of them to work at their own level with the skills they are learning. The only one who will really get a grade will my my high schooler.


See The Light Art Class Lesson 1 (8)

They gathered their supplies (listed by lesson on the Supply Sheet that See The Light includes with the DVDs) and eagerly sat down with their first lesson. Honestly, I think Sean and Zarah were a little disappointed after the first lesson. "Really? That's all? Just learning two different ways to hold the pencil?" {Don't worry, the disappointment didn't remain after Lesson 2.}


See The Light Art Class Lesson 1 (6)

We took some time to practice using the different ways to hold the pencil. They weren't sure what to draw to practice, so I just had them draw shapes– circles, squares, triangles, etc. Teeny was thrilled! She was just sure she had learned the greatest skill ever and that she was already a master. {grin}


Since that lesson just didn't seem to satisfy the need for an art lesson, I let them go ahead with Lesson 2. They were no longer disappointed. It gave them quite a challenge!

In fact, Zarah got quite frustrated because the fruit that she drew without looking at her paper (only at the fruit) didn't look like anything resembling the zucchini she was tracking with her eye. After a few attempts and getting quite frustrated, she took a break from her lesson to do a little cartooning.


See The Light Art Class- Lesson 2


See The Light did one of The Old Schoolhouse free Expo sessions not long ago. They were sharing about their Art Project DVD called Cartooning. Zarah didn't even want to watch it– I made her watch because I just knew she would like it. Well, she loved it! She has a whole page in her sketch pad devoted to cartoons that she started with the lesson fro Pat Knepley on the webinar. {More about that at the end of this post.}


Teeny declared that her drawings without looking were perfect and she didn't need to practice anymore. Of course, she really drew her fruit while she looked at her paper. This lesson was a little beyond her 6-year-old self, but that's okay. She glean bits this time and then do Art Class again when she's older. Sean and Zarah, however, practiced and practiced using different fruits each time.

Lesson 3 brought some more challenges. I was very happy for this! I was hoping it wouldn't be too simple for my high school boy. In fact, I think Colleen had the same suspicion, and that's why she decided not to join us for our art lessons. She is an excellent artist and wants challenges!


See The Light Art Class Lesson 3 (2)

This lesson was on contour and composition. Sean and Zarah spent lots of time arranging and rearranging their pieces of fruit, drawing and drawing again. Of course, when Zarah got frustrated, she took a few minutes to work on another cartoon. {giggle} Teeny's drawings were once again perfect, and she had no need to practice. {Oh, to be six years old…}


Lesson 4 came around, and they all happily gathered supplies. You would think that drawing a shoe was a grand luxury! They each knew just which of their shoes they wanted to draw. I'm just thrilled that they were still very excited about Art Class, despite the frustrations with trying to get their drawings just perfect.


See The Light Art Class Lesson 4 (6)


Teeny did a really good job drawing her shoe! And this time she really was trying to listen to Artist Pat's instructions. She wanted to draw just what she saw, not what she knew was there. I was impressed with her work! And of course, it looked exactly like her shoe when she was finished. No need to practice another one.


See The Light Art Class Lesson 4 - Cartooning Break (1)


Sean and Zarah are still meticulously working on their shoes as I am posting this. I think they will be working on them for several days to get them just right. I love that they are enjoying it! Zarah is not even letting her frustration bring her to tears this time. Yes, she's a bit of a perfectionist who wants to be an artist. {And after seeing the challenge for these guys, Colleen came out with her sketch pad. I think she may join us from now on.}


See The Light Art Class Lesson 4 (14)


See The Light Art Class Lesson 4 (17)


The lack of tears this time is all because she found cartooning. {Thank you Pat Knepley! You have saved this momma's life!} And she really is quite good at it!


See The Light Art Class Lesson 4 - Cartooning Break (2)


Naturally, I was quite thrilled when I found that See The Light's August Special is on… You guessed it! Cartooning! {I'm just sorry I didn't let you all know about it earlier in the month!} There is no way that my Zarah could go without this DVD. She needs all the lessons on the Art Projects- Cartooning DVD. Needs them!

See The Light Art Class Lesson 4 - Cartooning Break (4)
My favorite is the sneezing pepper shaker. Oh, my…


So I bought Cartooning at this amazing price for her. {It's a secret, so don't tell her!}


You still have a few days to grab it for yourself!



Through August 31, 2013, you can grab Art Projects- Cartooning for just $12.50! (regular price $14.99)

Use code: AUGUST for Free Shipping in the US.




You could even grab a set of See The Light Art Class while you're there, and join us for art lessons this year. We have found that they make a perfect pair! {grin}


See The Light also shared some really cool printables on their Artist Blog to go along with the Cartooning Special– on Walt Disney! Go check them out!


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