My Bible Survival Kit

Over the weekend I was beginning to feel very lonely and despondent.

You see, we don't have a home church right now. Hubby was let go from his associate pastor position. The church is changing directions– they discontinued the ministry training program he had been running for over nine years. Consequently, they no longer saw a fit for him on staff. We thought it would be unhealthy for the Body if we stayed at the church. So we are drifting… looking for a new place to root.


Bible Survival Kit


It's been a couple of decades since I last had no church home. It's more lonely than I thought. A few guys have gotten in touch with Hubby to talk or go have a coffee together. I got together with two ladies a week or so after our last day at church there. Aside from that I have heard from none of our friends there. It's been over a month. It's a very lonely feeling to live out your life in a place for over ten years and then it all just disappears from your life. In a blink of an eye it was gone. Where was my community?

We have visited churches, but no place feels like home. There hasn't been a church where I have felt completely free in worship. I think that's the very hardest part.

So this past weekend I was at the end of myself. I felt lonely. Forgotten. Unloved. Sad.

I needed something. I needed to open my Bible and let the Word breathe life. But I was in one of those moments when I just couldn't even fathom where to turn to in my Bible. I felt immobile.

I slowly began to feel the Father pull me toward small steps. I spent the wee hours of the night and into very early morning in the silence of my house listening… listening to the tender voice of the Holy Spirit.

The next morning I realized that I simply needed a plan. I needed some guidance for the time when I was too weak to think of what I needed. I needed a Bible Survival Kit. God had shown it to me in those wee hours, and now I needed to write it down. I needed a way to remember the solution… the Life He had given me.


Bible Survival Kit- lavender



My Bible Survival Kit:


  • Bible
  • cup of hot tea– my favorite soothing tea is Celestial SeasoningsTrue Blueberry Herb Tea.
  • worship music
  • calming essential oil– For me it's lavender or frankincense. I love both of these oils and find them so calming and peaceful. I like to put 3-4 drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and then put the cotton ball near me. It's like have my own personal scented candle without heat or flame. {grin} The essential oil diffuses through the air, and I can enjoy the scent and benefit from the chemical properties of the oil at the same time.
  • Bible study– My choices lately are a You Version devotional (right now it's She Reads Truth: Fresh Start or Beth Moore).
  • prayer journal– I write and pray and listen for His Voice.


I like to keep my Bible, Bible study, and prayer journal together in a basket or a small tote bag. Then it's easy to turn to– rather than going to several locations to fetch the things I need.



The next time I am feeling lonely… despondent… sad…

I will remember His plan for me– and go to my Bible Survival Kit.



What do you do when you're feeling sad and at the end of yourself?



6 thoughts on “My Bible Survival Kit

  1. I absolutely love this post! I do something very similar – I turn on either worship music or old hymns very low, turn the fan on so it’s cool, and I pray, “God, please give me exactly the words you want me to read today.” And then, as silly as it may sound, I close my eyes, open my Bible, and let it fall to whatever page. I start reading usually at the beginning of a new section or chapter, but sometimes not. The beautiful thing is that God has NEVER let me down, NEVER! So many times I will look at what is written and ask, “Really, God? What am I supposed to get from THIS?!” And then, I pray about it, reread it, sometimes write it, and wow! There is ALWAYS something amazing in the passage He has shown me.

  2. I’m in China now. I came alone. I know a couple of Chinese people who know English and who are taking me around. It is in times like this that the Bible takes on a new meaning and a new life. I am dependent upon my constant companion, Jesus, and I’m hungry for the word. Maybe because of the excitement of the adventure and what God is doing and wanting to hear. I had been through a dry time before this.

  3. I have a similar bible survival kit. Since we moved from NC to CO, I realized I had grown too comfortable with my bible reading and praying. I was excited about the move, but also lonely. I didn’t have anyone and also started feeling sorry for myself. It was then that I started back with really reading my bible, studying and praying. Some days, I know it is only by the grace of God that I have gotten through the day. God always shows me that I am not alone and that things are not always what they seem and that things could always be worse. I now have my bible, notebook, devotional study and pens in a little tote. I love having everything together. 🙂

  4. Connie, I’ve often wondered why church family/friends no longer are willing to fill those roles when one decides to leave a church for whatever reason. I don’t understand how we can do life with a group of people for many years then have it all washed away because we no longer worship in the same building. It certainly reveals who our true friends are. Stay strong. Only our Heavenly Father can fill your void. He is all you need.

  5. We are between churches right now too, after 17 years of heavy involvement in one church. Like you, it was as if we had moved far away. No calls, no visits, nothing. It is hard to be in a place like this. We have been searching for a church for a year now, and may have found one but it is very large, which isn’t what we were looking for. However the preaching is great and the opportunities for smaller group fellowship and studies are everywhere. We’ll see how it works out. I like your idea of the basket, and may use that for myself too. I’m really missing the (supposed) closeness we had at our old church. Sigh. As one of your commenters said, it shows who are true friends are. Unfortunately.

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