Essential Oils for the Perils of Summer

I know I just shared about esential oils last week, but I have some more I'd love to share today. I promise this won't turn into a blog only about essential oils! {grin} We have found some remedies for the perils of summer that are just too good not to share with you while you can still get some benefit from them this summer. I've shared with friends and they have been as amazed as I am– so I had to share with my online friends, too. {That's you!}


Essential Oils for the Perils of Summer

I adore summertime, but let's face it, summer brings a few perils with it. You know, those little first aid issues that come because it's warm and beautiful outside and makes humans want to be outdoors.

Yes, I'm talking about insects, insect bites, poison ivy, sunburn, and the like. Youch!


Essential Oil Insect Repellant


My daughters and I are like delicacies to mosquitoes. If there are mosquitoes outside, they will bite us. Lots. I hate insect repellant with DEET and other chemicals in it. Why would I want to put that on my skin and then invite it right into my blood stream? The "natural" alternatives don't always work very well for us, so I really was hopeful about a repellant made with essential oils.

I really love the idea of an insect repellant made with essential oils that would keep mosquitoes and other insects away and that would also be beneficial to us rather than harmful. This also means that if I can't get Teeny in a bath before bedtime, she's not marinating in chemicals all night. {Woot!}


Essential Oil Insect Repellant


My Bug Repellant Recipe:

Small 3 ounce spray bottle

Young Living Purification essential oil

Young Living Lemon essential oil (If you'll be in the sun, don't add this one.)

filtered or distilled water

Put 2 ounces of water (1/4 cup) into spray bottle. Add 5 drops of Purification and 5 drops of Lemon oils. Put spray top on and gently shake before spraying. {Be careful not to get in the eyes.}


I am thrilled to report that this bug repellant is like a miracle in a spray bottle! Not only have I never gotten a mosquiot bite while wearing it, I have watched mosquitoes try to land an me, fly away, come back, hover, fly away… over and over until she decided to leave altogether. My friend had on Lavender essential oil and water. The mosquitoes were flying back and forth between us, but never really landed on either of us. That convinced me!

I am sooo glad that I grabbed the Everyday Oils Kit! Otherwise, I would only have gotten the oils to treat my asthma and would not have had the oils needed for my bug repellant. Whew!

If you will be wearing the insect repellant while in the sun, I would recomend not using the lemon oil. Lemon (or any citrus oil) will make you more sensitive to the sun, and you don't want a sunburn. This insect repellant will work just as well using only the Purification oil; I just like the smell of it best with the lemon as well.I made one bottle for nighttime use and one without lemon for daytime use.


Bug Bites


For the times that we didn't have insect repellant and got bug bites, I have also found an essential oil remedy. Thankfully!

Oils used:

A drop of either Young Living Purification or Lavender essential oil takes the itch right out of bites. At times Purification has made the bite and redness also disappear!


Poison Ivy


The men in my house get poison ivy every summer– often multiple times. The first time Hubby got it this summer, he naturally asked if there was an oil for it. I looked it up in my trusty essential oils book {which I provide for anyone who purchases a Premium Kit with me, like the Everyday Oils kit}, and sure enough there are essential oils recommended to treat poison ivy.


Oil used:

Lavender was one of the oils listed, so that's what we decided to try first.


Hubby simply applied one drop neat (undiluted) to the rash and gently rubbed it in. It took the itch away pretty quickly. The rash itched a bit off and on throughout the rest of the afternoon, but not severely. The next day, the itch was gone!

Hubby applied the lavender one more time on that second day. That was the last I heard about the poison ivy. No more itching and the rash disappeared quickly after. Success! Young Living Essential Oils, 1. Poison ivy, 0.


Lavender essential oil for poison ivy, bug bites, sunburn




We haven't actually tried this one yet because no one has had a sunburn yet this summer. However, I do have a plan of action.

My children and I are pretty fair, so I wanted to be armed with a sunburn remedy before I need it. I looked it up in my book and made a plan.


My Sunburn Recipe:

4 or 5 ounce spray bottle

Young Living Lavender essential oil

filtered or distilled water

Put 4 ounces of water (1/2 cup) into spray bottle. Add 10 drops of Lavender oil. Put spray top on and gently shake before spraying. {Be careful not to get in the eyes.}

This should help with the pain and with the healing, according to my reference book (Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley).


This is my plan of attack for the perils of summer– all from my new "medicine cabinet." I really could treat all of these perils with just 2 oils. I love that! What would I do without my Young Living Everyday Oils Kit?


What is your method for beating the perils of summer?


5 thoughts on “Essential Oils for the Perils of Summer

  1. Thanks for the tip on lavender for poison ivy…I’m sadly dealing with that right now! So glad I have some lavender oil on hand. It also helps me sleep!

  2. I mixed about 6 drops of some lavender EO with 2 teaspoons coconut oil and applied it to sunburn. Nice and soothing (and soft skin too)!

  3. We have always used jewelweed products (spray, soap, salve) for my family’s poison ivy concerns.

    I might have to try the lavender for bug bites. My youngest has large reactions to them.

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