When Life Drops a Bomb on Your Homeschool {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

You know those moments in life that surprise you? That shake the tenor of everyday life? Those moments that will change the course of your life?

You know those moments when life drops a bomb on your homeschool… and on life in general?



When Life Drops a Bomb on Your Homeschool


Yeah, that happened at my house this week.


So everyday life stopped.

We took a pause.

No activities.

No schooling.

We did some spring cleaning instead.


And we took some moments to think, to ponder, and to listen for the voice of the Father.


I know that He is pulling together a plan for us. While He is laying the foundation for a new path, I must try not to fret and stress out. {Easier said than done, right?} This includes the days when I need to process rather than do school work with my children.

It's a difficult tight rope to walk when you have teens in high school. There is the pressure of courses they need to finish and worries about whether they will be prepared for college.

It's in these moments that I struggle to remind myself that the God who is laying a foundation for our new path is also the God who is laying a foundation for the paths of my teens. He really can take care of their schooling.

Why do I so easily forget that he has given me this homeschooling job, but He has not asked me to be in charge of it?


You know those moments when life drops a bomb on your life and homeschool?

They will come.

But God really will be with us in the middle of those moments.

We can trust Him.



Remember the former things, those of long ago;

I am God, and there is no other;

I am God, and there is none like Me.

I make known the end from the beginning,

from ancient times, what is still to come.

I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.

Isaiah 46: 9-10


He will accomplish His plans… no matter what bombs life drops. {And yeah, I'm talking to myself here.}





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10 thoughts on “When Life Drops a Bomb on Your Homeschool {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

  1. Oh my friend, I know whereof you speak! And I know it’s not always fun, and it’s so stressful when things are unsettled. But I also know that those times can be amazing opportunities of growth–where our trust limits get stretched and expanded, and we learn how great our God is! I’m walking through that right now as we have a huge change coming in just 1 month!

    Praying for you!

  2. Truly thoughtful. Just what I need to hear today too. No more teens at home anymore and my last one leaving was…rough. But now that they have been moved out a while I can look and see how God has had my back the whole time. It was so bumpy at times. Just one more to go:) Thanks for a beautiful reminder.

  3. Funny thing, it was a life bomb going off that actually started my family down the homeschooling path! What the enemy intended for evil in our lives, God has used for good. It hasn’t been an easy switch, adapting to our “new normal” (in more ways than one) but I’m so thankful, great has been His faithfulness, every step of the way.

    I’m a relatively new subscriber, this is my first time commenting here, but it won’t be the last I’m sure. So happy to find support and inspiration for the High School Years! We’ve chuckled at the dissection posts. UGH. 😉

    I’ll be praying for you and your family in the coming week! He really is big enough and so able to accomplish whatever concerns us today. Hope you can rest, be still and KNOW He is God. He’s got this, He will be by your side throughout whatever comes next. Peace be unto you.

  4. Wow — this spoke to me:

    “Why do I so easily forget that he has given me this homeschooling job, but He has not asked me to be in charge of it?”

    I don’t have high schoolers (I will in just another 2 years. Gulp.), but I can only imagine it brings another dimension of stress and FAITH to the homeschooling equation.

    I will remember you in my prayers this weekend.

  5. Thank you for the reminder. Last March my newborn daughter was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease. It was in the middle of our school year (I have 6 other children under 10). I was so stressed out about getting school done. Over the last 6 months dealing with another surgery and school I have lost sight of the fact that God is the one in control and sometimes we might just need a break. Home educating is hard enough without life’s trials. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! (Baby 8 coming in July.)

  6. Yes, there are always bombshells. But it’s so good to remember that God is in control. Without that I think we’d all go crazy.

    May God bless you, Connie, and Amber, and everyone else who’s dealing with issues!

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