Joy in the Midst of the Bomb~ Titus 2:1 Conference 2013!

In the midst of "the bomb" going off, we still have busyness to keep us moving. Thankfully, it's a busyness that also brings joy. This week I'm going to the Titus 2:1 Conference!


Preparing for 2to1 Conference 2013


You may remember that I went to this conference last year. It's a conference for Christian homeschoolers who blog and engage in social media. Going last year to their inaugural year was the best decision I ever made, not only for my blog and ministry but for me as a homeschool mom. It was such an encouraging time, and I have made some friendships that will last a lifetime… with women who get what the big deal is with blogging. Priceless!

This year some amazing companies partnered with me to help me get to the conference! I have loved working with these ladies so far. They are just golden! I invited each of these companies to partner with me because I truly believe that each of them has something wonderful to offer that will benefit you and your family.

I really hope you'll go tell them thank you for partnering with me and grab a little somethin' for yourself while you're at it. {grin} My adventure to the conference and all the amazingness that will follow would really not be possible without my wonderful sponsors!

(Some of the following are my affiliate links. Using my link does not change your price; it just means they know I sent you, and I may earn a small percentage if you purchase something. This helps me help my family just a bit, so thank you.)


So a big thank you to:

  • See the Light!

    This wonderful company is a small, family-owned business who really desire to provide a quality art education to children. God designed us to be creative. See the Light does a wonderful job of boosting and enabling that creativity while acknowledging God as the author of it all. You will definitely want to grab some of the art instruction DVDs {which are done fabulously!} and check out the weekly, FREE art tutorials on their Artist Blog! We love them!

  • T-Tapp!

    T-Tapp is known as the wellness workout that works, and it is so true! This form of exercise is so different from anything else that I had ever done. It's not really something that is easily believed… You really must try it out yourself to believe how phenomenal it is and how many inches will fall off of your body within the first couple of weeks! And you'll feel so much healthier in the process! {More about this later this week~ and a giveaway!}

  • Home Ec Online!

    I recently discovered this amazing e-course. If you have ever wanted to learn to sew, learn more than just how to sew a straight line, or have a teenage daughter who wants to learn to sew, then you really must check out Home Ec Online! All you need is a sewing machine, a few basic supplies for your projects, and a computer and you could be sewing in a flash!

  • Turning Heads Boutique!

    If you need a lanyard for work, a keyfob, an ID tag for a backpack, laptop bag, or suitcase, the ladies at Turning Heads Boutique have you covered! They will personalize it just for you! You pick out the fabric, tell them what you would like it to say, pick out the thread color and font you like, and then Esther or Rhoda will do the rest! Plus, they are offering a goody for 2:1 conference ladies! {So if you're going to the conference, check the back of my card for a special coupon code just for you!}


The conference is next weekend (April 12-14), so the flurry of preparations is really ramping up. And so is the excitement and anticipation!

And this year the ladies at the 2:1 Conference have arranged for a Sponsored Blogger Mingle, so we sponsored bloggers can share brochures and samples from our sponsors with the other attendees. This is unheard of for blogging conferences! Thanks for being amazing, Titus 2:1 Conference organizers and official sponsors! {So if you are going to the conference, be sure to see me to get your goody bags~ with a DVD from T-Tapp! This is not a sample, ladies. It normally sells for $24.95}


Preparing for 2to1 Conference 2013 (11)

This week I have a few treats up my sleeve for you!

I have planned and scheduled some goodies for you over the next week or so. Since I'll be off having fun and learning, I didn't want you to be left out of the fun. So I have planned and scheduled some special sponsor love for you. {grin}

What to look for:

  • T_Tapp giveaway! Be sure to come over Thursday and hear more about T-Tapp and enter to win an amazing workout set!
  • Art Projects as a high school co-op class~ This Friday in the HomeSchool Link-Up I will be sharing our experience using See the Light's Art Projects as part of a high school class in a co-op setting. And I'm showing pics of their finished projects!
  • The conference~ Next week I'll be sharing about my experiences at this year's Titus 2:1 Conference. And hopefully share lots of fun pics, too! {Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for up-to-the-minute fun!}
  • Home Ec Online eCourse~ Next week's HomeSchool High will be our intro into learning to machine sew with Home Ec Online's course. Colleen has been wanting to learn to sew on the machine for quite some time now. (She sews by hand super well!) We just haven't made the time or she gets going on a different project altogether and doesn't want to stop. I'll be sharing her experiences with the course, and hopefully it will give you some good insights on using the course with your high schooler.


Sounds fun, right?! Don't miss it!



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