Homeschooling High School Support Group

I have been so pleasantly surprised to see the response to the HomeSchool High link-up. {Thank you!} It seems that moms homeschooling high school are hungry for support, and they are looking online.

The HomeSchool High link-up is a great resource for homeschoolers who are looking for information, but I have felt this stirring to go deeper… more personal…

I have talked with a few people about maybe doing Facebook chats (Founders Academy had one not long ago) or Twitter chats just for people to come together to talk about homeschooling high school. When we can interact, ask questions, and share our struggles, we find a different kind of support than when we just a share information. Sometimes it's difficult to do that in the comments of a blog post.

So I have been pondering and praying. This week an idea came to me and I jumped to act on it!


Homeschooling High School Support Group

I have started a Facebook private group for those homeschooling high school or preparing to homeschool high school~ HomeSchool High Support. It's a private group so that people can feel relatively safe to share, but that does not exclude anyone. Anyone can request to join, and I will approve their membership if they don't look like an ax murderer. {grin} The only stipulation is that we all play nice. If someone is obviously just there to stir up dissention, I will remove them from the group. I desire this to be a group where we can truly find encouragement and friendship!

So come on over and request to join the HomeSchool High Support group. It's only been around a few days, and we already have some great conversations going! Feel free to invite some friends!

Also~ I don't know if you've noticed, but the Twitter hashtag #highschool doesn't normally help people who are looking for homeschooling high school items. It's used lots by high schoolers to tweet complaints, etc. during the day at public schools, etc. Feel free to use #HSHigh (short for Home School High School) for your homeschooling high school items or chat.

See you over at HomeSchool High Support!



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