Biology: The Perch Dissection {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

The saga of our Biology Co-op class dissections continues…


Apologia Biology The Perch Dissection


Last week the class did the perch dissection, which presented problems unique to this lab. In the spirit of sharing knowledge to make another's road easier, I am offering a few tips and warnings from our experiences.


Apologia Biology Perch Dissection- 4


Apologia Biology Perch Dissection- 2


Tips for Biology Perch Dissection:


  • It's hard to get in to. Once you make the cuts to "open a window," don't be afraid to snip some extra little bits on the inside so the skin will let go… or to grab hold and pull hard!
  • Gloves are very helpful for this one! Those pesky scales are sharp and will poke you like splinters. Gloves protect your skin from their glassy sharp little selves.
  • Cover your floor or be ready to vacuum/sweep. Those same scales are kind of dry and will splinter off and fly everywhere! This is your fair warning. {grin}
  • When scraping at the bone to get into the brain cavity (which will take forever!), make sure to keep your mouth closed! Lips sealed! Ask Sean how we know… Flying bits of bone… Yuk!


Apologia Biology Perch Dissection- 3


We have learned so much in Biology this year! And we've had fun learning together!

If you haven't studied Biology yet, I highly suggest Apologia Biology for curriculum (I'm finding it pretty balanced and thorough) and Nature's Workshop Plus for all your supplies!





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4 thoughts on “Biology: The Perch Dissection {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

  1. Those are some great tips for this dissection! I am super glad we are past dissections since this squirmy mom has a really hard time with it. I love biology…hate dissections.

    Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  2. There’s actually great virtual dissection software available, which cuts out gross set-up. Some of the software for studying fish includes:

    ScienceWorks’ DissectionWorks Perch

    BioLab’s Virtual Lab Fish

    Ventura Educational Systems’ Marine Life Series: Anatomy of a Fish

    Information on the alternatives to dissection, including video demos and how to get funding for alternatives, can be found at, as well.

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