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Welcome to my Our Homeschool Bookshelf series. In this series I'm sharing some of my favorite books from our homeschool bookshelf.  My intent is to share resources that I have found valuable that may also help you in your journey of educating your children. 



As a new homeschooler I read everything I could find about homeschooling. I was searching for the best way for me to go about the day-to-day workings of teaching my children.

When I discovered the teachings of Charlotte Mason, I felt that I had finally found a style of homeschooling that fit with my ideas about education and my family's lifestyle. Charlotte Mason had a very natural, non-text book approach to teaching that makes a lifestyle of learning very simple to employ in your homeschooling. This approach is rich in nature journaling, narration, and copywork, among other techniques.

We have now been "Charlotte Mason homeschoolers" for 15 years.

I have never read Charlotte Mason's original writings. It's always been so expensive to purchase her original books. But I have read the writings of others who quote her and explain her methods.

My dreams have come true!

I recently discovered Charlotte Mason's Original Homeschooling Series is available on Kindle. All 6 volumes! The entire series. And for only $0.99!

I hope that you will grab your copy while it's available. Read it bit by bit. {It's not light reading.} You will be happy you did…



Please note that all the posts in this series contain my own opinions, and I have not been compensated for any of the content. {There is an affiliate link, but that does not affect my opintion of the book shared. It also does not change your price. I earn a few cents from your purchase for referring you~ sort of like going to a Pampered Chef party where the hostess gets rewards.}

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