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Last week was our first week back at our homeschool co-op and Apologia Biology labs class. Our very wise class facilitator, Mrs. S, decided that a simple lab to ease us back into the fray would be best for the first week. I think she was right!



We did a very simple lab that made Punnett squares come to life. The students split into groups and each group was given a basket of twelve plastic eggs. Some of the eggs were a solid color, while others were two colors. The students had to examine the "DNA" of each egg.

When they opened the eggs to look at the DNA, they found four skittles. The colors of the skittles revealed the chromosomes of each egg. The students then recorded each phenotype on a Punnett square.



The original lab only had a few Punnett squares– not enough for all twelve of the eggs, so Mrs. S made a new worksheet to include a square for each egg, as well as a chart for the students to record the 1/2 color and genotype of each egg and the possible offsprings' genetic makeup.

Several of our students said they really did not understand the section on Punnett squares, but after doing this exercise they understood it all. Success!



If you would like a little hands-on exercise to help your students better understand the Punnett squares, check out the lab we used. Mrs. S also agreed to share her worksheet with all of you! You can download the worksheet by clicking on the graphic below.



Note: The colors that we used vary a bit from the original. It will be helpful to know this if you are looking at Mrs. S' worksheet. "Pink" is really "pink/red" because the shell was pink, but the skittles were red. Finally, there are no blue skittles so we used blue M&Ms.





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  1. Hi, the link to the Skittles lab no longer works. I’ve googled it but since I don’t really know what I’m looking for. Do you still have the original lab directions? Thanks!

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