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We are still on our Christmas break, but we have had some Biology labs happening this week. Most of our labs this year are being done with our co-op, but there are some that we will need to do at home. We just can't fit all of Apologia's labs into our 20 weeks of co-op classes.


During break we decided to do the experiments from Apologia Biology Module 5. We had skipped these labs because co-op had scheduled them labs to be completed at home during Fall break, but we were behind the class when Fall break arrived and decided to skip them for the time being. When our school routine resumes next week, we'll be working through Module 8, so this was a perfect time to squeeze in the labs we had skipped.


Experiment 5.1~ Diffusion

This experiment was not difficult to do. However, I think my teens were a bit skeptical that the sugar really would dissolve completely in the water without being mixed. We did have one minor modification– We had no plastic wrap, so we sealed our bowl inside a zippered bag. The idea was that no moisture would escape, and I don't think it altered our results.




When we came back to check two hours later, they completely unfolded the napkin– no sugar to be seen. They even felt the napkin to see if you could feel any sugar granules! No sugar. Did the water taste sweet? Yep– sugar water. {which always brings up a Men in Black reference}

Experiment 5.3~ Fragility of an Enzyme

The grandparents sent a fresh pineapple home with us after Christmas dinner, which was perfect timing for this experiment! We pureed a large chunk of pineapple in the food processor, made the jell-o, and I left the three teens to finish making their two experiment samples and the control sample.



It wasn't long before I thought that something had gone really wrong in the kitchen. It smelled like something was burning! When I went to check on them, Judah had pineapple in a pan on the stove and assured me that it was supposed to smell that way. I guess that's what mom gets for not reading the experiment beforehand. {grin}


Left- pineapple puree; right- heated pineapple puree


Jell-o added and ready for the fridge


They finished all three concoctions– plain jell-o, jell-o with pureed pineapple, and jell-o with pureed, heated pineapple. We put them in the refrigerator until the next day.



Sure enough, the next day we found that the jell-o with the heated pineapple did not gel, while the other two were nicely set. Strange.


Experiment 5.2~ Osmosis

This experiment takes three days to complete, but is so worth the wait. It's really interesting to watch this one in progress!

The series of videos below show what happens when you dissolve an egg's shell and then how substances can go through the semipermeable membrane that is left. So cool!

We did a short video on each day of the experiment to show you each step and its results. {I didn't plan enough time to have the third video finished and posted by this morning, so the last step will go up Friday evening. Be sure to come back and have a look at it.}


Day 1


Over the next hour or so our egg had bubbles all over the outside and even began to float! Eventually, there were so many bubbles that the water had a foam on top.



Day 2


Day 3

Coming soon!


I hope this helps you in your biology endeavors. We are having such fun learning together thanks to Apologia Science and Nature's Workshop Plus!




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  1. LOL! Thanks Joel for the comedy 🙂 Black shirt reminds me of my middle son that hates it but plays along because he is really a great kid. We have two in Apologia Biology (that skirted out of this…just wait until they get home) because this was neat! Kid on the left–probably LOVES Science (and I do too). I can tell he is pretty different from his older bro. Kid on the right has great facial features and I hope embraces how beautiful God made her. Mom, you sound so much like me. Do they give you fits sometimes? Mine resist me and I only want them to get the best education. I LOVE Learning with them and they are like not as into it as I am. I get resistance. You (and I) are doing a fantastic job. I only wish I could blog it, but all I have managed to do was upload to Youtube 1 video in three years! Thanks for this you brainiacs 😉 !

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