Apologia Biology Labs~ Module 6 and 7 {HomeSchool High Link-Up}

As you  probably know, we have been working through Apologia Biology this year, and we are doing most of the labs as a group at our homeschool co-op.

The last time I shared about Biology we were doing the experiments in Module 4– the fungus expermients. Since that time, we have taken a Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break. Along with not having co-op class those two weeks, we have also rearranged the modules a bit to make the microscope experiments fit into our co-op times. This means that we skipped Module 5 for a time in order to do the labs for Module 6 before our long break over the holidays.

We had lots of fun with the labs for Module 6. We did Experiment 6.1 a few weeks ago- the week before our Fall Break.



This lab really was not difficult to do as a group. We just had a station set up where each set of lab partners could come and slice their bit of cork or layer of onion, get their water or iodine, and take the slide back to the microscope to examine. The one caution I could give here is to really make certain that you get a very thin slice of cork. Several students had to go back for a thinner slice because they could not see anything since no light could get through their tiny chunk of cork. {oops}


By the way, if you are on the brink of biology with your teen or need some more resources to finish, Nature's Workshop Plus is a fabulous resource! They are a family owned business in Indiana, and they are the suppliers for Apologia's supplies. If you have any questions, they are happy to help.

Also, we have used the Knowledge Box Central resources to help with our lab report forms and study resources. Their Apologia Biology Flash Cards are worth their weight in gold! Knowledge Box Central is having an amazing sale right now~ 55% Knowledge Box products! Yep, you read that right! {I'd appreciate it if you'd consider shopping by clicking on my affiliate links above. I earn a small bit for referring friends, and as a pastor family, every little bit helps. Thank you!}



The week after break we conducted Experiment 7.1 as a group. I had really been looking forward to this experiment~ extracting DNA. Doesn't that just sound fascinating?!

The pictures just would not do this one justice. You really must have a look at these videos! {embedded below}

I will give you a bit of warning: The background noise is amazing. We have 14 high school students all working and talking at the same time while a teacher and two helpers are giving instruction. That's a lot of voices at times. Also, our room is right beside the gym where the K-5 drama class is practing their musical. It's busy, but not hard to follow the focal action of the videos.

The Prep



The video above will give you a real idea of how straining the split pea mixture can go. We discovered {the hard way} that we really should not have quadrupled the batch of split pea mixture to accomodate our 14 students. One batch would have likely been enough. They probably did not need quite as much liquid in each cup. Plus, our blender kind of sprung a massive leak from the large amount of lentil liquid. {oops}


The Mixing



The Reveal



This experiment really was an exercise in following precise instructions. It was not difficult at all for some students, but those who are not naturally detail oriented had a good bit of stretching. The effort was worth it. We all got to see a strand of DNA with our naked eye. Amazing!





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    1. I love all the Biology resources you have on your blog, Marty! You should totally link up some of those posts. I don’t care one bit if they’re old; they’ll still help someone. 🙂

  1. Thanks for posting the experiments. We’ve not done most of them so far, since no one has needed biology as a prerequisite for anything in university, but it’s nice to see them!

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