My Brain Quit Working and My Well Planned Day Came To the Rescue {And Giveaway!}

Sometime this spring or summer, my brain kind of quit working. At least it really did feel like it.

I had a really hard time keeping all the areas of my life from falling apart. Blog schedule. Writing. Social media. Knitting business. homeschooling. Not to mention trying to have some fun family times… I even forgot to plan our new homeschool year until the first few days  of August. Yes. Forgot. How could I forget to plan the new year?!

What I really needed was one central place to keep everything straight. One calendar, schedule, list… one something to keep in front of my face (where I can see it!) so that I would not forget the important and not so important things in my life.


That's when I was asked if I would like to try out the brand spankin' new My Well Planned Day Software. I couldn't say yes fast enough!



The folks over at Home Educating Family are amazing! Not only are they responsible for my new favorite magazine, they are also the folks behind the brilliant Homeschool Convention. (If you haven't seen it yet, you really should go check out this FREE online homeschool convention!) They have really outdone themselves with this new planner!


I am really excited about using this online planner to keep all the areas of my life orgained in one place! You really can do it all with My Well Planned Day. You can create menus and make shopping lists. You can keep track of your to-do list and break projects into bite-sized pieces and then add it all to the calendar to remind you to complete them. You can manage your budget and set reminders on the calendar to pay bills on time. (I know, right?!)

Plus, if you're homeschooling, you can create lesson plans and then add school assignments to the calendar for each child. You can enter grades, too! You can then look at the calendar with everyone's school assignments and household tasks– or you can select what you would like to view on the calendar. You can look at the calendar for just one child to see all his assignments for the day, or look at everyone's assignments for the day or week or month. Miss a day? Drag the assignments to the next day. Easy peeasy!

And it's pretty!



I have been playing with my planner a lot the last several days. I keep thinking of more things I can use this planner to do! It really is fairly simple to figure out how to use. There are lots of video tutorials to help. (And here's an hour-long webinar to walk you through it as well.) There were a couple of things that were a bit frustrating for me, but I suspect they are bugs that will get worked out. This software is brand new, and the tech people keep tweaking and fixing things, as well as adding new features. Their tech support is really helpful if you have questions. Plus, if you have a suggestion for something that you would love to see added to the planner, please leave the suggestion for them. Many of the suggestions they've gotten thus far have ended up being added. What more can you ask for?!


Okay, I'm rambling. You don't want to listen to me ramble. Go on over and check out all the awesome features for yourself and imagine how it will work for you. (You can also hear what lots of other bloggers had to say about the planner throughout a month of giveaways— and you may still have time to enter their giveaways as well.)

As a bonus, Home Educating Family has provided a coupon code just for my wonderful readers! Go hit the "buy now" button, then use code 30wpdblog12 for $15 off the purchase price. The coupon code is good through October 1. What a deal! I love a deal!


Home Educating Family has also offered a My Well Planned Day one year subscription FREE to one of my readers!

Don't you love a fabulous giveaway?!


Hang on just a minute for the details. I want to tell you about my favorite feature so far.

I really didn't think I would use the homeschooling features at all. I have already spent hours upon hours entering lesson plans into another program so that I can reuse them with subsequent children. The thought of doing that all over again for five children gives me chills up and down my spine. {brrr} I figured I would use the menu and To-Do list features the most. My favorite feature so far just happens to be in the homeschooling area. Figures, right?



I put in the bare minimum of info for the school year, then for subjects and curriculum. You can search the database for your exact curriculum, and it will very smartly do all sorts of computer coolness for you. I didn't need that, so I just typed in the name and moved on. Here's where the magic happened for me! I moved to Lesson Plans. I didn't put in any details, but I did tell the planner that it should make 180 lessons. For example, I told the planner (I think in the curriculum section) that Zarah would do math at 10:30 a.m. Then I made 180 lessons in the lesson plan section. Now I can assign lessons to the calendar, and the planner automagically puts a yellow bar (her color chosen when setting up each student in Administration) on the calendar stating her lesson and the time. Once I did this process for all the children, I then had a plan for our days. I used this to create a routine/schedule for the day. The most helpful part was that if I felt I needed to rearrange times or the order of the day to make it work better for us, it was as simple as dragging the little colored boxes around on the calendar! Easy peesy schedule making! I was now in love!


I know you're tired of listening to me ramble on. Go on over and check out the My Well Planned Day Software for yourself, then come on back over and tell me what your favorite feature is. It could mean that you win a one year subscription!



Now all you have to do is sign in and enter the giveaway! (If you're reading by email, come on over and enter!) The giveaway will be open for 2 weeks, during which time you can keep getting more entries, so be sure to come back over and to share it with all your friends. The winner is going to LOVE the My Well Planned Day Software planner!


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38 thoughts on “My Brain Quit Working and My Well Planned Day Came To the Rescue {And Giveaway!}

  1. I have used HEF’s paper planners for several years now, and I am so excited about all the options of this software. I love everything about it! I’ve entered as many contests as I could just hoping I might win a copy! 🙂

  2. My favorite thing is that it has so much–all in one place!! No longer will I have to use multiple apps plus a paper planner! This is great and will simplify my life–yay!

  3. With 8 children, grades 11 down to K-4 I am finding that I need a schedule and order to our days, this looks like it just might be the tool that gets that done!

  4. I loved my paper planner last year, but THIS is so going to simplify my like!!!! Didn’t get to a lesson today, click, it’s moved to tomorrow! LOVE IT!

  5. My favorite thing about the Well Planned Day Digital Planner is that I can have it with me at all times and organize our homeschool and every day events.

  6. I am excited to see household features: chores, meal planning, budget all in with homeschool planning. It all goes hand in hand!

  7. This is my second year homeschooling and it’s my first year homeschooling both my kids. I think this would be an excellent resource for our family.

  8. I have used another online planner that I liked…but it looks SO boring compared to the scrap-book-like awesome-ness of this planner! Pictures of the curriculum and pictures of your precious students?! I. HEART. IT!

  9. I really like that it combines all your calendars, lists and planners in one place. And being digital to help you identify conflicts in your schedule or over scheduling easily.

  10. I love the idea of keeping my household, activities, and homeschool planning all in the same place and being able to access it all on my iPad (which I use far more than the computers).
    Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway. 🙂

  11. I am excited to try a program that can be accessed from any of our home computers, as well as my phone, instead of having 2 binders to drag around the house or in my tote bag (a school binder and a home planning binder). We are busier than ever as the kids get older and need to organize so much information! This software is beautiful to look at, easily accessible, and contains everything for our family life! Awesome!

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