Introducing Home School High!

When I first began homeschooling about a bazillion years ago, I never thought about homeschooling all the way through high school. The plan was to reassess when Judah was ready to go to middle school. Honestly, we forgot to reassess. I simply woke up one day and found myself on the brink of high school.

Many of the homeschooling moms with children older than mine either  found themselves alone in homeschooling their high schooler or found themselves enrolling their child in the nearest traditional high school. The attrition happened in part because of the lack of good curriculum for high school at home.

More and more families are making the choice to brave the waters and homeschool through high school. But there is one thing that you can hear rumbling under the surface of the homeschool waters… fear.


It's scary standing on the precipice of high school and wondering if you will single-handedly ruin your child's chances of getting into college. It's scary wondering if you'll be able to equip him well.

The key to disarming this fear?

The obvious first answer is to pray… a lot.

Second? Support.


For many, support isn't something that can happen in real life. Homeschool support can be found online, but it's difficult to find other moms who are homeschooling high school. We're out here. It's just that there are not as many of us who are talking about or blogging about our high school plans and how we implement them. (Teens don't always like us writing about them. Go figure.)

For the last couple of weeks, I have been preoccupied by this dilemma. Link-ups abound among homeschool bloggers. It's a wonderful way to find other moms who are a step or two ahead of you or at the same place as you are on the homeschool journey. The problem is that if you 're looking for support for high school, you have to search through the hundreds of posts about preschool and elementary plans before you find one relevant to you.


Enter Home School High…

Every Friday I will be hosting a link-up for those homeschooling high school. (Get it? Home School High– like the name of a high school?)  If you are a blogger, you are welcome to come link up posts about your high school curriculum plans, a wrap up of your week with your high schoolers, activities that you added to your high school curriculumanything high school. Link up old posts if you have them. They will still be of help to someone who needs a hand. Link up new posts as you go through the year. Share your struggles. Share your victories. Tell us about math, science, writing, driver's education, computer science, art… You get the idea.

If you are not a blogger, there will be plenty of reading here. And plenty of ideas. Share it with your friends so they can find some inspiration and encouragement as well.

Since I'm homeschooling three high schoolers this year, I'll have plenty to share with you as well. Including all three in Biology together! (Check out past HomeSchool High link-ups as well.)


So mark it on your calendar. Tell all your friends. Get your posts ready.

Home School High…

Ideas, Resources, and Friends…
so it's not so scary.



What makes you anxious about homeschooling high school?

What topics would you like help with?

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21 thoughts on “Introducing Home School High!

  1. I am bookmarking your blog and am really looking forward to this. My kids have never attended school outside the home, yet I still feel alone in this venture. My son will be 6th grade this fall and my daughter 10th and I STILL question the wisdom of keeping them at home (although God definitely has His reasons). I found you on Pinterest and am very thankful for that.

  2. Connie, I’m so glad you’re doing this! I’m really excited about it!
    On another note, would you by chance be planning on going to Allume?

  3. Thank you Connie! I think more bloggers need to talk “homeschool high school”. We are also in our second year of “high school”… and could use some more resources, ideas, and support. Can’t wait to see all the link-ups and maybe add one of my own someday! =}

    1. You’re welcome, Jen. And thank you! You should link up! You have plenty to offer… one year under your belt is more than someone just starting. πŸ˜‰

      I can’t wait for next Friday!

    2. Love this! So true! It’s funny, all my life (that’s 32 years and 8 or so jobs!) I’ve been involved in hands-on work in a helping profession of some kind. I’ve almost always had the privilege of living my calling as opposed to having an unfulfilling job that only serves to pays the bills. Yet sometimes I forget this; I sweat the small stuff instead of recognizing the value of the work itself. Your comment makes me feel so grateful for the position I’m in– a position to serve others and experience “success” on a profound level. Thank you, Boyd!

  4. Hi Connie – I saw your pin on Pinterest and wanted to let you know that I have loads of freebies for educators. I know that it must be incredibly hard for homeschool teachers to find affordable and quality resources. Plus, a lot of the publishers’ resources just don’t cut it. Feel free to use and share any of my free resources with your network. I love helping parents out (I have a 14-yr. old son), especially because I believe it is so much harder the older they get to engage them in learning. I hope you have a great year! πŸ™‚
    Links to my resources: (Blog about teaching ELA) (Links to all my FREE resources)

  5. All three in biology? Oh, you brave, brave woman πŸ˜‰

    I’ve graduated one and have two in high school this year. Each one has had very different plans, so it’s exciting and crazy and exhausting all at once. I’m really looking forward to the link-up!

  6. Great need for homeschool support in high school. What a great idea to gather us in around this daunting topic! Just finishing up with my second homeschooler I will love encouraging everyone and it will help me too as I prepare for number three who will be there soon enough. High school creeps up on you, doesn’t it?

  7. Hi,
    My daughter will begin her 8th grade school year in the next few months. So I’m looking into her high school years & what should could take in 8th grade to start working towards her credits. I’m debating as to do physical science or skip it & move on to biology instead. Any thoughts on the pros & cons of that?
    Oh I use Apologia.

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