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Welcome to my Our Homeschool Bookshelf series. In this series I'm sharing with my readers some of my favorite books from my homeschool bookshelf. Please note that all the posts in this series contain my own opinions, and I have not been compensated by any company for any of the content. My intent is to share resources that I have found valuable that may also help someone else in their journey of educating their children. Just spreadin' the love.


I had heard countless times that if children are reading good literature, they will naturally know how to write well. We were very relaxed schoolers. I never forced them to write when they were very young. However, if they wanted to write, I helped them along with grammar and spelling. I felt fine giving them time. I didn't want to force them, and thereby, make them learn to hate writing. I wanted them to love writing.

It turns out that the advice I was given was wrong. Wow. My children were not naturally taking to writing. In fact, the older three were very reluctant to write. They felt this pressure that when the words went on the page, they should be perfect. They felt intimidated because they weren't sure what to write. I'm sure there were other factors as well, but this is what they later reported to me. I could see all these emotions beneath the surface. I knew they were there, even if these children of mine would not speak them. I tried to reassure. I tried to impart confidence. But nothing seemed to help them. They were reluctant writers.


That's when I saw that Apologia was releasing a new product called Jump In! by Sharon Watson. (It's been a while ago now.)



It is marketed for middle school students or reluctant high school students. The pages are full of colorful graphics. It is written very simply and in a conversational tone. As you read, it really feels like she is there speaking with you in a very casual way~ not extremely teacher-y. I was kind of doubtful that this would help my high schoolers and middle schooler. Ms. Watson said all the same things that I had been saying to them.


I cut the spine off and put it in a three-ring binder.
It's actually in paperback, workbook format.


But something happened when they began reading those colorful pages with pencil in hand. They began writing. They began writing without hesitation– without intimidation. They were writing! And, most importantly, they were loving it! They even told me so.

This program also includes a parent guide. She walks you through just how you should grade your child's papers. I think that's the biggest thing that parents are uncertain about where teaching writing is concerned. I love all the helps in this book! And it's not very expensive, either. Win-win!

If that's not enough, after just a few weeks of using Jump In, Sean began writing a novel! Yep. From reluctant to loving it to author.

If you have a reluctant writer in your house, I highly encourage you to check out this wonderful bit of curriculum!


Do you have reluctant writers in your house? Or does writing come easy to them?


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