Love & War & the Sea In Between~ Get it Free!

If you haven't heard Josh Garrels yet, you should. Josh came up in our church. He is strong in faith and a wonderfully talented musician! His music is poetry. It is full of rich meaning and full of worship for our Creator. His music regularly fills our home. When the CD starts, four year old Teeny will announce, "It's Josh Garrels!" before she even hears his voice!

Josh's new album,  Love & War & the Sea In Between, just released almost two weeks ago. He felt God impressed him to give this album away for a year, and he is obeying. Who does that in this industry?! It's a beautiful 18 song album full of God. You can read his story about the album on his blog. Visit his site to download the album and to hear a sampling of his music. You can find his tour schedule on the website.(He'll be at Cornerstone this week.) You can also buy his older albums at his website. hint, hint.

Josh really loves community and collaborating with others. For this album, he has done some amazing collaborative work with lots of people. I want to share one of these collaborations with you. This animated video was put together as a visual representation of the first song from this new album. Enjoy!



Josh supports his lovely wife and two beautiful children solely on his music business. God has truly blessed his willingness to be obedient.

You can find more videos of Josh Garrels' music on his You Tube channel~ Small Voice Music.


One thought on “Love & War & the Sea In Between~ Get it Free!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! I think I may have just found a new fav!!! Thank you for sharing! Spent forever on you tube last night!! He is AMAZING!!!

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