Our Homeshool Bookshelf: The Usborne Time Traveler

Welcome to my Our Homeschool Bookshelf series. In this series I’m sharing with my readers some of my favorite books from my homeschool bookshelf. Please note that all the posts in this series contain my own opinions, and I have not been compensated by any company for any of the content. My intent is to share resources that I have found valuable that may also help someone else in their journey of educating their children. Just spreadin’ the love.

When we were using Sonlight‘s Core 1 for the first time, my older children discovered a book that quickly became one of their favorites~ The Usborne Time Traveler. Everyday at the end of our reading, they would ask to read “just one more page.” Back then, Core 1 was not World History, as it is now. It was Four Civilizations~ Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages in Europe, and the Vikings. My children quickly fell in love with world history, and it was because of this book.

(By the way, Sonlight’s current Core 1 is the first in a two-year study of World History, and it incorporates most all the books used in the older core that I have. You should check it out. The whole program is wonderful!)

We read this book when Sean was just a toddler. When he got to be about 9 years old, he discovered this book on the shelf. (I think we were studying American History as a family at that point.) All it took was one look, and he was also in love with this book.

In true Usborne fashion, the book is packed with colorful illustrations and brimming with details on every page. The premise is that you don your “time travel helmet” and head off back through history. At your time and place destination, you will visit a family. Using illustrations of homes and buildings with cut-out walls, you get a view of how people lived at that time. You get to see their beds, their foods, their parties, and even their toilets! You can see why children love it, right?

This book has been pulled off the bookshelf and read so often that no one would ever know that it was a “school book.” The poor thing is showing how loved it has been. The corners and the spine are definitely looking worn, but it is not falling apart. It cannot fall apart. After all, I still have 2 children who need to read and love this book!

Not long ago, I was using my old Core 1 with Zarah. She was really enjoying the geography book we were reading. When the time came to switch to Time Traveler, she was not happy. She was certain she would not like this book. Zarah does not like change. Can you tell?

Before we had even finished the first page, she was hooked! Now she proclaims that she LOVES this book and never wants to stop reading it. I knew it was just a matter of time. And of course, Teeny quickly joined us with the book. Even at 3 years old, she loved the book, too.

I think this one is a keeper. Now if I could just miraculously keep the book from ever falling apart, we would all be happy.

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