Our Easter Tradition

The celebration of Easter has gotten me thinking about our traditions. Easter is always kind of difficult for me because I love celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what hiding and hunting eggs has to do with it. I would rather skip all the bunnies and candy and eggs and get to the good stuff. The problem is that our culture doesn’t really have “the good stuff.”

We decided several years ago to just create our own tradition~ our own “good stuff.” A wonderful little book came out in 1997 called Benjamin’s Box: A Resurrection Story. This little book made it so easy to create a nice Easter tradition for our children.

In the book, a young Jewish boy keeps meeting Jesus and collecting items to help him remember the encounter. He puts these items in a treasure box. He collects a piece of burial cloth, coins, a tuft of donkey hair, etc. By the end of the story, he realizes that Jesus is the real treasure and uses the items in his box to re-tell the story to other children.

We gathered representations for all of Benjamin’s collected items and put them in a box of our own. As we read the story, the children take out the items and feel them, look at them, and pass them around. It is an interactive time that helps us to take a few moments to ponder Jesus and His sacrifice, as well as His glorious Resurrection.

I love this Easter tradition of ours. This year it occurred to me that our children may want to continue this tradition with their own children. That’s such a sweet thought for me. Then it occurred to me that they may not be able to get the book~ and ours is already showing its wear. (Oh, no!) I think Hubby and I have decided that we need to buy five more copies of the book now and set them aside for our children. I hope the tradition will continue…

So what do you do to celebrate Easter at your house?


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