I Can Think Again– And What Saved My Life

I had my fifth baby in March 2007. It was such a happy day. She's a true delight.

It was a rough start. I was on bed rest for six weeks with high blood pressure. During labor, we found that I had developed preeclampsia. I was also positive for Group B strep. We did okay during labor, and the baby had no complications. However, I came away with the feeling that God had protected us from something horrible. I really felt that He had saved our lives.


I Can Think Again- And What Saved My Life

At my postpartum check-up, we found that my blood pressure was very high. The doc figured that it had not resolved after the preeclampsia. He was very concerned that I may have a stroke from such high blood pressure. So– I spent a couple months on blood pressure meds and trying to get well. God had saved my life again.

After such a rocky start, I was ready to get back to normal life. I had just begun to think that all was well. I had gone off the meds. Blood pressure was good. We had conquered thrush. Baby was sleeping well. But I was wrong. One day when my laundry reduced me to tears, I realized that I had postpartum depression (PPD). I think it had been there all along, but I thought it was side effects from the meds. That fateful day with my laundry was just the day that the PPD got worse.

It took me a while, but I finally managed to find some natural remedies that helped me. (I'll spare you the details, but this was a long, hard process for me because I really could not think very clearly. I had to search this out in bits and pieces over several weeks.) I began taking a good, balanced B Complex with my multi-vitamin. I began drinking one cup of Silk (soy milk) each day for the phytoestrogenic benefits. I took almost 3000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil each day. I could see light at the end of the tunnel. I wasn't quite myself, but I was better.

I was searching for more info about remedies for PPD when I came across a series of excerpts from a book about recovering from pregnancy. The book is A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health by Dean Raffelock, Robert Rountree, and Virginia Hopkins with Melissa Block. The excerpts were so helpful that I wanted to buy the book! One thing that the author said in the excerpts online was that progesterone cream can help PPD. (This is quite simplified. You really should read all of his articles on the above site and the author's site.) I bought more progesterone cream that day. After just a day and a half, I felt almost normal!

Needless to say, I bought the book. In just a few short months, I feel normal again. I can think clearly again. I can look at my mountain of laundry without collapsing in tears. I can live my daily life and take care of my five children. And I did not have to read the entire book before I could get well. There is so many helps in this book that anyone could access to help herself through PPD~ from nutrition to hormones. It is amazing to me that God formed our bodies to heal themselves and keep us well. We just need to give our body the nutrition that it needs and keep on doing it. It has to have the right building blocks in order to build what we need to be well.


Thanks to God, postpartum depression is a door that I can call closed.


It never ceases to amaze me how God can use so many seemingly ordinary things in our lives. It would be easy to say that the doctor saved my life or a book brought me out of depression. God takes these normal things and uses them in an extraordinary way. I pray that I will always have eyes to see His work in my life, even when it seems like something ordinary.

Right now, I'm so thankful that God saved my life! I'm overjoyed that I can think again!

God is so good!



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  1. Thanks for your honesty – i lost a little baby before we got pregnant with my seventh (who is making noise in daddy’s arms right now… this will be quick) – anyway, i saw your recommend for the Change book, and your recommendation for progesterone cream for PPD and while i don’t have PPD this time, i have had it before, and i’m really interested in getting some of the cream to hopefully prevent any more losses, and see what else it might help with (memory loss?! etc!) Anyway, i’m glad i joined the wool soaker group just to find your blog 🙂

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