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Why I (Still) Homeschool

Year 18.   This is my 18th year homeschooling. (Yes, I'm that old.)     It would have been so easy to quit long ago. Quitting is pretty easy much of the time. Homeschooling isn't always easy. It can be hard. It's a sacrifice.   But it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make for… [Continue Reading]

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Revamping Our Homeschool

One of the glorious things about homeschooling is that you can change things up whenever you want or need to. Every year is different, and every year can be customized for your children's best learning to happen.   That is this year for us.     We haven't needed a huge change in a long… [Continue Reading]


A Season of Rest & Healing

"I'm sorry to tell you that you have a rare tumor on your adrenal gland. They're usually non-cancerous. It will need to be removed." A month and a half after I heard these words in the ER, another doctor said, "I'm sorry to say that your test came back positive for a rare genetic disease… [Continue Reading]


Being Transparent with Our Lives

She told me in no uncertain words, "You share too much. It makes people uncomfortable. It's just too much. You need to change that, then people would like you."   Surprisingly, her words brought me to tears.     I have never been one to care about what others think of me. I'm comfortable with… [Continue Reading]

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A Year Ago Today, I Almost Died

A year ago today, I almost died. In fact, my whole team of doctors really thought that I would not make it off the operating table. By God's healing hand, I shocked them all.     A year ago today, I found myself reminding God that two of my girls have birthdays this week, and… [Continue Reading]

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