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Being Transparent with Our Lives

She told me in no uncertain words, "You share too much. It makes people uncomfortable. It's just too much. You need to change that, then people would like you."   Surprisingly, her words brought me to tears.     I have never been one to care about what others think of me. I'm comfortable with… [Continue Reading]

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A Year Ago Today, I Almost Died

A year ago today, I almost died. In fact, my whole team of doctors really thought that I would not make it off the operating table. By God's healing hand, I shocked them all.     A year ago today, I found myself reminding God that two of my girls have birthdays this week, and… [Continue Reading]

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Homeschooling High School During Family Crisis {HSHigh Link-Up #73}

It's no secret that the last eight months have been full of family crisis at my house. From discovering an adrenal tumor to emergency surgery, and from finding and learning about the rare disease that affects me and three of my children to surgery to remove medullary thyroid cancer, our life has been stressful to… [Continue Reading]


Waiting for the Other (Cancer) Shoe to Drop

A few weeks after my surgery to remove my thyroid and all the lymph nodes along the sides of my neck– and with it the rare cancer that was growing there— I joined a couple of Facebook support groups for those with medullary thyroid cancer.    Maybe it was a mistake.     I hear… [Continue Reading]


Helping Children Through Family Crisis

This has been a very hard year at my house. We have had to help our children through one family crisis after another. Lots of scary medical things have happened. It would have been easy for my children's faith to become battered and torn.     It truly has been a family crisis of epic… [Continue Reading]

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