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Holiday Celebration Giveaway #6- Driver’s Cap Made from Upcycled Coffee Bag

Saving the best for last!   Back in 2010 – 2011, I made driver's caps from coffee bags that I upcycled from a roasting business that was started by our church. Each hat takes a total of 6 to 10 hours to make, with close to 4 hours of sewing! I used to charge $110 for each hat. That… [Continue Reading]

upcycled coffee bag hat

Holiday Celebration Giveaway #5- Ultimate Daisy Pin

I can't get enough of this next giveaway item! I'm really excited to send this off to someone and adorn them with a giant daisy! 'Cause the world always needs more daisies!   Holiday Celebration Giveaway #5!     Chocolate + Pink Ultimate Daisy Pin!   It’s no secret that I love daisies. I love… [Continue Reading]

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Holiday Celebration Giveaway #4- Cherry Red Button Cowl

It's giveaway #4! I'm having such fun giving these lovingly made items away to new homes!   Holiday Celebration Giveaway #4!     Cherry Red Button Cowl!   Cherry red for a bright bit of warmth and cheer on a cold day! This soft, warm cowl will brighten any day. And it's so snuggly warm!… [Continue Reading]

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Holiday Celebration Giveaway #3- Newborn Soaker Sack

I'm so excited to share this adorable wool soaker sack with a brand new momma!   If you don't know what a wool soaker or a wool soaker sack is, don't feel bad. They are covers used to go over cloth diapers. And yes, they hold all the pee in! (As long as you have… [Continue Reading]

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Holiday Celebration Giveaway #2- Crochet Earrings

I'm a sucker for beaded jewlery. If it's dangly earrings, that's even better.   Being the yarn and string addict that I am, I wanted to try out crocheted jewelery. With beads.   I totally love the results! My fave earrings are now ones that I've crocheted.   So I wanted to share some with… [Continue Reading]

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