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Something Was Terribly Wrong:: My Pheochromocytoma Survival Story

I'm sure you've noticed that I disappeared a month ago. This story will explain why. I had been sick, but no one knew just how sick. It's a story of life-and-death, of God's miraculous love and care, of thankfulness, and of the miracles that happen in our ordinary lives. I won't lie- this story has… [Continue Reading]


Teaching High School Art in Your Homeschool {HSHigh Link-Up #70}

Art is one of those subjects that many homeschooling moms are reluctant to teach. It can be intimidating to teach art if you don't feel that you have any artistic ability. Add in the multitude of art supplies and the chaos and mess it can create, and many moms run away as fast as they… [Continue Reading]

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When Mom Gets Seriously Ill, His Yoke is Still Easy

You may have noticed that I disappeared a few weeks ago. I promise there was a very good reason. I became seriously ill.     The thing is that I don't feel bad. My illness is silently. It sneaks up on you, this silent killer.    I have high blood pressure.    I've mentioned before… [Continue Reading]

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Homeschool Extremes That Make Homeschooling High School Seem Impossible {HSHigh Link-Up}

Even if you have always homeschooled your child, the thought of beginning to homeschool high school often seems impossible to many moms. I've been pondering why this is, and I think I have figured out at least a part of the answer… homeschooling extremes.     You know what I'm talking about, right?   It's… [Continue Reading]

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Homeschooling High School Chats {HomeSchool High Link-Up #68}

A few weeks ago I did a little survey right here at HomeSchool High to find out how I could better serve you. Today I am excited to begin implementing the first item from that list!   It's gonna be great fun!       HomeSchool High will be starting some high school chat times!… [Continue Reading]

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