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Why I’m Writing My Pheochromocytoma Survival Story

This has been a quiet summer for me. I haven't written too much aside from Facebook updates for family and friends accompanied by many prayer requests.   You see, this spring, we were hit with yet another storm- just as we felt we were recovered from the big storm of 2013. Only this one ended… [Continue Reading]

Why I'm Writing My Pheochromocytoma Survival Story

Feeling Alone Homeschooling High School? {HSHigh Link-Up #71)

Homeschooling high school can feel very lonely. We are definitely among the minority, which can feel isolating. But that feeling is often magnified when many of our fellow homeschooling friends begin to send their children to public or private high school. The prospect of homeschooling high school feels daunting, but that feeling is often paralyzing… [Continue Reading]

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Do You Memorize Scripture with Your Children?

I have vivid childhood memories of memorizing Bible verses for Vacation Bible School. I knew that we received prizes for memorizing verses, but I never knew that there might be other reasons to memorize scripture. VBS was the only time that Scripture memorization was emphasized. It wasn't until I got to college that I realized… [Continue Reading]

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It’s a Tumor~ My Pheochromocytoma Survival Story, Pt. 2

We arrived at the Emergency Room around 5:30 p.m. Hubby went inside for a wheel chair for me. He wheeled me in while I was still leaning forward with my elbows on my knees. It was awkward but still the only position that felt sort of okay.      He parked the van while I… [Continue Reading]


Something Was Terribly Wrong:: My Pheochromocytoma Survival Story

I'm sure you've noticed that I disappeared a month ago. This story will explain why. I had been sick, but no one knew just how sick. It's a story of life-and-death, of God's miraculous love and care, of thankfulness, and of the miracles that happen in our ordinary lives. I won't lie- this story has… [Continue Reading]